0 + 0 is still 0

There is only ONE that has existence and that is God.

Only when the 0 unites with the ONE does it have MEANING.

Only when the zero unites with the ONE does it have purpose or place.

Otherwise, we remain “Mr. Smith”.

We cannot become “Mr. Smith”. He does not have existence. Only the Creator gives meaning. Neo was not the creator. He was not enlightened. He was merely another “story” in the mind of the zero who thought he had created himself.

Creation has never stopped and just because Neo sacrificed himself to the “ZERO-god” he had imagined does not mean that did anything but create a diversion tactic in the storyline of attack and self-annihilation.

Every good story needs a place of anti-climax or the appearance of peace so that the segue into the challenge may seem more riveting and “real.”

We are addicted to sacrifice and obliteration even while we run from the Creator, Who has given us everything that He is.

All the while we tell ourselves that we are doing the “right” thing and that sacrifice must be a part of the equation.

When nothing could be further from the truth because the ONE has, and IS, ALL THAT IS and the zero needs only to accept that to “really” be something, expanding into infinity with countless means of expression within the ONE that TRULY IS.

“I AM” is not Christ. It is Father magnified IN HIS SON or through His Son.

I would love to find another person who was willing to be a zero and let God be the Hero of every tale we might tell.

That is where Eternal Life and Heaven are.

And where we exist. We, who should never have been otherwise.

To God be all the glory, in the name of Christ, amen.

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