The gift of Christ is all I seek today.

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1. What but Christ’s vision would I use today, when it can offer me a day in which I see a world so like to Heaven that an ancient memory returns to me? ²Today I can forget the world I made. ³Today I can go past all fear, and be restored to love and holiness and peace. ⁴Today I am redeemed, and born anew into a world of mercy and of care; of loving kindness and the peace of God.

2. And so, our Father, we return to You, remembering we never went away; remembering Your holy gifts to us. ²In gratitude and thankfulness we come, with empty hands and open hearts and minds, asking but what You give. ³We cannot make an offering sufficient for Your Son. ⁴But in Your Love the gift of Christ is his.
(ACIM, W-306.1:1–2:4)
* The gift of Christ is the witness that you are the Christ as is all that is in creation.
* I would use the Holy Spirit’s vision. Thank you.
* I am born into this new place only as I use the Holy Spirit’s vision because Christ’s vision is askew in these here parts.
* Our Father is God.
* “³We cannot make an offering sufficient for Your Son.” This is unnecessarily confusing and shows the disconnect that the scribes and those who assisted them had with the teachings of Jesus. NO OFFERING COULD MAKE US GOD’S SON and NO OFFERING COULD BE GREATER THAN EVERYTHING THAT THE FATHER, God, GIVES Him (or us to be specific).
* “⁴But in Your Love the gift of Christ is his.” In the Love of God, the Father the Son of God recognizes His position as Christ. You and I are able to recognize our position as Christ.
To God be all glory, in Christ’s Name, amen.
Till next time, God bless, debi.

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