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1. We live as if there is such a thing as privacy. Another symbol of the belief in separation.

We are losing our sense of privacy with the computer age but this sense of individuality and separation has only been an illusion within the context of the confusion of being separated from God.

Privacy is a false concept as is being alone which has the adverse false effect of isolation and loneliness.

Does privacy have a harmful side?

One has to only consider the life of a serial killer to understand that it does. 

In reality, we are a united, singular mind so what we want to understand is that ALL that manifests in the individuals, locally and worldwide, around us are reflections of the consequences of the belief in separation from God. 

This is why the Whole Christ must be forgiven and then each must adhere to the guidance of the Holy Spirit for our evolution to progress.

Do not take this to mean that there is no individuality at all, especially while we are still caught up in the illusion of separation from God. And I am not speaking of those who believe they can go against God’s Will. I am speaking of those who have callings specific to leading us all out of the confusion of separation. 

Jesus obviously did. And he continues in that role today. 

Each of us has that same calling, to lead others out of the confusion of separation and we fulfill it mainly by accepting the Atonement for ourselves as Jesus did.

Eventually, all thoughts from all of creation within the Mind of God will be accessible to each of us in full awareness so that to request the information brings it to our minds. 

That which aligns with separation will be redefined or removed. I wonder if it will not continue to be recalled as the illusion that it was though? If it fulfills God’s Will it will be so. 

We are going through a serious phase of realignment of perspective so that we accept that God’s perception is the ONLY one that matters or has any continuity.

We may see different parts of the world experiencing that in different ways and we want to send positive energy and have faith that we are moving into a better world for all. 

2. You can use the things you are learning to give different perspectives to old issues. 

One of the most significant ways that I do this anymore is to see a situation where there are multiple deaths to mean that there was a soul contract where many agreed to exit mortality simultaneously. 

I need not be specific to the events but souls that leave in groups have agreed to this as we did from a higher view of human events before we came into the physical plane.

Death is not an eternal truth because God is not dead. Simple as that. And anything He created could not die.

We are experiencing the struggle of consciousness that is the part of the Mind of Christ seeking to wake up from the abusive and addictive role that guilt plays on the psyche.

Every step into awareness as forgiveness takes its hold on us and we release habits of self-betrayal brings all of creation closer to the eternal life that we have been promised.

We each have our role in the Universal Plan and gratitude to each is what we want to feel so that God’s Will may be done in ALL situations. May I be so bold as to include war in that equation. It is not our place to judge but to know that God IS and that NOTHING outside His Will will be done in reality and that ALL error will be corrected. 

Thanks in all things. For childhood cancer, serial killers, dictators, traitors. Thanks is the one thing that gives it completely to God.

You know, when I write these things up I am speaking to myself as well as others. This is a step that I can see that I am being told to take and not let anything get in my way. 

3. Jesus, as our eldest brother, is the first thought of Christ. This is why he is the resurrection and the light because he was the first to accept the atonement. 

He did not “need” it beyond that he momentarily believed in separation from God. This is the same thing that happened to the rest of us here because creation was explosive. We are the ones who have locked ourselves into a house of horrors that has death and suffering. The release is in our own hands and minds and no one can give it to us a moment sooner or later than we wish to recognize it. 

4. The feminine aspect of turning the 3D manifestation of separation around is significant.

Jesus played a huge role, and still does, in the restoration of humanity and all of creation into the presence of God. 

But there is the feminine influence of this world of duality that we have created that needs to give her two cents to make the witness complete. 

The feminine aspect of the mind of Christ needs to let go of the nesting impulse within the illusion and accept the truth that expansion need not come through hardship and turmoil, nor physical expression in mortality or beyond it.

Her impact cannot be overstated. And it is a catalyst that must be started by a female who believes with her whole heart not only in God but in family and sacrifice who is willing to let go of it all within one lifetime through the forgiveness that the Atonement Jesus teaches us of in ACIM reveals. 

This is the reason why I have come into life at this time. This is why I had the witness of God’s Love for all of creation and why those who would have harmed me have only been able to show me the potential consequences of their dark thoughts and where not able to play it out because I had to see it all and understand what humanity could do to itself and still be willing to forgive. 

Do not come to me and ask me to lead or to be some formal teacher. I will not do it. I have done what was needed by consenting to accept the Atonement as it was intended to be used by each of us. Nothing can stop the curve of healing that lies in our path any longer. 

Why? Because there is only one Mind but both parts of duality had to be united in the cause of Atonement for it to be fully implemented throughout all time and creation. 

This decision was made in the spring of 2022 just before the lockdown that forced us to slow down and give ourselves time to think about who we are and what we value.

This would be one of the times when groups of individuals decided to exit together. This needs not be looked at as a bad or good thing but only as a part of the Universal Plan to bring the fullness of Christ’s Mind and Being which includes you and me into the remembrance and acceptance of God’s Presence within which He may lift us into Heaven with Him once more.

We can be there now and show others that it is possible.

  • Do not think that I have given myself a special role in eternity. It is only for the time of illusion that Jesus, myself, or anyone else has any sort of special roles. Once the illusion is cleared away all will have all that the Father has to use it and express it as he sees fit with no one having a greater voice than another. 
    At the same time, we are taught that it is not humility that denies a role that we must play within the illusion and those who are willing to listen to the calling need to respond and respect that position.
  • This is my understanding today and the only thing that I can give is my all.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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