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My thoughts* on ACIM Lesson 288:

1. This is the thought that leads the way to You, and brings me to my goal. ²I cannot come to You without my brother. ³And to know my Source, I first must recognize what You created one with me. ⁴My brother’s is the hand that leads me on the way to You. ⁵His sins are in the past along with mine, and I am saved because the past is gone. ⁶Let me not cherish it within my heart, or I will lose the way to walk to You. ⁷My brother is my savior. ⁸Let me not attack the savior You have given me. ⁹But let me honor him who bears Your Name, and so remember that It is my own.
2. Forgive me, then, today. ²And you will know you have forgiven me if you behold your brother in the light of holiness. ³He cannot be less holy than can I, and you can not be holier than he.
(ACIM, W-288.1:1–2:3)

* For me, this lesson means that I want to interact with others from who I am rather than what I believe or even “see” out there.
So I treat all people with dignity and respect because that is who I am and how I want to be treated.
The “forgetting of their past” means remembering that the role that they think they must play out in the illusion is only that and I can remember who they truly are as children of God.

It has nothing to do with going through life with rose-colored glasses or ignoring the false stories people are telling themselves about themselves.

Nor does it mean not having healthy boundaries.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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