Heaven is to be experienced here and now, in the body and on this planet.

It is a matter of understanding what it is that we are and what an opportunity we gave ourselves as we came here with blinders on (at our request) so that we could bear witness that God IS.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

1. We each have significant gifts for the time that we are living in.

Observe your life and you will see your gifts and the language with which you may express and extend God’s Love. Even if it lies on the dark side from a human perspective.

With the ability you have to detach from the “story” that you have been taught is your “life” you will be able to forgive the Son of God for all of His nightmares of separation and find the peace and joy that reside in the presence of God in Heaven on earth today.

The yogis taught detachment and Christians thought love for the Son of God by the Father was the ultimate truth) even though they thought the Son could be contained in one human body which is false because it is all of creation that is the Son of God). Put them together and you have the message Jesus wants Christ to have.

The two concepts must become united with faith and trust in a living God for all of creation to be set free because in this state of mind one may forgive Christ for the belief in separation from God and forgive all that is not of Him. This opens the way for the Holy Spirit to be heard and followed and Heaven to be revealed.

2. By Grace you are capable of standing in the Atonement.

As a little child, you will be able to make mistakes or take a fall, but you have a loving Father in God that will pick you up and set you on your feet again, taking pride in your accomplishments.

Mistakes within the story of earthly existence have no lasting effect and are part of the Universal Plan to restore the Mind of Christ (which is all of creation) to its original innocent and pure state within the Mind of the Father.

3. Gatherings with repetition rituals are ok but they should NEVER be mistaken for God any more than the body should.

The idols that Moses warned God’s children about were not made of stone or iron but of flesh and blood.

Thinking that we can sustain ourselves and provide for ourselves removes our need for God.

We even believe that we can procreate and extend our existence but this is only a false illusion of eternal life that has no basis in reality and supplies no true satisfaction. Only extension of God’s Love via the Holy Spirit and full communion with Him can establish eternal life.

Any time we come together we want to celebrate God. Anything else is participation in a cult.

Say what?!!??

Our existence is based on the celebration of life which is God and given to us by the Creator. All that we participate in needs to reflect this.

We cannot set aside time for worship of God. It must be something we live with every breath that we take.

God does not judge what you do He judges whether you allow His Presence in your existence because He knows that until you do you cannot truly have eternal life. You only have a nightmare of lack and isolation.

4. Time disappears when separation from God is removed from the Mind of a Child of God.

Time remains as part of a story that we will play out until the Universal Plan is fulfilled but it will have no lasting impact on you.

Like a child at play who knows this is only make believe we can set aside the struggles of the past and the fear of the future.

God’s Presence will erase pain of the past and fear of future.

Heaven is outside of time and available right now within the Atonement.

Somehow I feel like I should apologize for knowing God. Or at least that those who know me in this lifetime and believe I must be whatever their version of the “story” is that we are participating in but you know what? I am not going to apologize.

I am weak while HE IS STRONG and the truthfulness in the words of Jesus Christ do not offend me. They lift me and embrace me and remind me that I am WHOLE and PERFECT and in God’s CARE CONTINUALLY as is all of creation in all of its glory because God IS.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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