My world is shifting rapidly. Is yours? The Holy Spirit will lead us.

1. How we see each other in looking out for one another.

In the LDS church, I had visiting teachers and home teachers for thirty years. They were to look in on each other and give support and a spiritual message and let the church leaders know if help was needed.

As I reflect on my testimony today from my study of A Course In Miracles, I understand that we are each personally responsible for our walk in life according to our relationship with the Creator.

We have set ourselves up so it seems that we are victims of circumstance from the day we are conceived. But as children of God and part of the Christ Sonship there is no need that we have outside of needing to recognize that God IS and that we are all united.

Interestingly enough, I sense that independence is how we will find our unity because we must each bear witness to the stories that we tell ourselves that are not what we are and offer them up to be replaced by our true identity as God’s Son.

With the LDS church, Jesus attempted to appeal to our compassionate side but we did not turn to God, we still made ourselves, the leadership, and our families the “idols” that replaced God.

Through A Course In Miracles Jesus shows us the solo journey that we must walk to take our part in the Atonement.

To assist as prompted is one thing.

To make assisting a lifestyle is not congruent with allowing one another to reach inside to find the Heavenly Father that we believe we have separated from.

It is an entirely different mentality than most of the societies on the earth have lived by.

I can think of few that have lived by this custom though there are tribes of the American Natives that put autonomy and personal responsibility at the forefront of their social understandings.

I had an aha today that I would like to share:

According to the teachings of ACIM, we are the “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) that we are fearful of today because we believe we are bodies instead of eternal and omnipresent as is our Creator.

Omnipresent is another way to say that we are everywhere and that we are one entity undivided.

Unitedly we are omniscient as is the Father because He gave His ALL to the Son.

No one can take our power but we can convince ourselves that we have none.

As we see these attributes in others, we see them in ourselves.

2. Addiction

Everything can be addictive if it is used to distract one from asking the real questions of why we are here and what is our purpose.

We have all come with addictive tendencies and it goes a lot further than drugs or alcohol. We are primarily addicted to the guilt that comes from belief in separation from God.

Fitness, shopping, being a victim, and many more can be addictions.

Recognizing that everyone is addicted to something is a start to understanding yourself.

Recognizing that this is to be expected from the psyche that believes it is separated from God and has no real sense of safety and security is the beginning of healing.

There are things that we need to admit to ourselves individually and as a society, if we are going to alter the path of destruction humanity is on.

It is alright to be challenged and weak and this must be recognized so that we are able to understand our need to return to a witness of God to supply our needs.

We are not without God nor is He without us. In Him, we have need of nothing.

3. You are of God, in God, worthy of all that God is, and it is okay to make mistakes.

This ties right in with the previous subject.

Being of God while still thinking that “physical form” is what we are is going to demand a transitional state; at least while still in form.

As such, it is understandable that mistakes are going to happen. It is inevitable for the time being however by listening to the witness of the Holy Spirit we will be directed to a higher level of comprehension of our identity and it will bless us while in form and as we “transition out of the need of it.”

Sin is impossible because that would require separation from God with is in itself impossible.

The key is not to have expectations. Not to become attached to our stories or the roles we play in other people’s stories.

We have to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to live our physical lives for us and trust the promise that Jesus gave us that those who are willing to give up this life for his purposes will give us the Eternal Life that is our true birthright.

4. You are not separate from Jesus or anyone or anything else. If you bash them you bash you, lift them you lift yourself.

This ties in closely with where my heart was as I felt that visiting teaching and home teaching were desirable and the Will of God.

A story is a story and that is all that it is. It is not true and should be seen as such; having no bearing on what we call truth or reality. It is, however, something that we get to experience or go through and we may make mistakes along the way. The idea is not to take it as real or become attached to the story.

Knowing that God is is what makes all of the difference. That, and knowing that you are His Son, and not the confusion of the imagery that Christ has manifested out of His fear that He had separated from Father.

What about the “relationships” that we appear to have in our stories, you might ask.

We have relationships with one another but it is more akin to a relationship with ourselves than with a different person.

The only true relationship that one may have is with God who embodies all of creation which is His Son by His Desire for that RELATIONSHIP.

God is the Whole and is worthy of worship.

Our peers are worthy of gratitude for the part that they play within the body of Christ which each of us is.

I know it seems “deep” and so bizarre compared to what we are living but it is our truth and we are moving into that understanding.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now, debi.

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