Universal Reading for September 2022 ~Short and To the Point~

Repairing the damage to the human psyche is not that complicated.

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

1. The first mistake and in my opinion, the only one that needs to be forgiven, is the belief of a tiny portion of Christ’s Mind that thought He could be separated from God.

Yeah, it really is that simple. Just do it and see what happens,
Trust me, your whole world will change and so will everyone else’s.

2. God will not force anything on humanity. At the same time, once we are willing to receive, nothing will be held back.

Yep, simple as that!

Once we are willing to forgive Christ, which is the Whole Creation beyond Time, Space, Dimensions, Possibilities we will have all the abundance and creativity we can fathom.

Look out Jetson’s, here we come!

This goes for all of us. Here or currently in spirit beyond the veil of death. Did you catch that Casper?

3. As we accept the Atonement and incorporate the guidance of the Holy Spirit into our lives day by day we become a mouthpiece for God through our actions and our words.

That is the truth, like it or not.


Because God created you. You are of God.

It is not up for debate, it is a fact. And the fact is, we are created to bring glory to God and to ourselves and NOTHING ELSE.

4. Illnesses of mind and body afflict us when we close our minds to our own being or that of another as part of Christ.

This is what we have when we do not acknowledge God and our place as His Son and NOTHING ELSE will be a remedy to the ills of the world.

I do not have to tell anyone that something is seriously wrong with the human psyche as it stands at this time. We all see it. And we each have a role to play in repairing it.

*Please see Number 1 if you forgot what it might be.

We got this! When we are willing to receive it!

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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