My thoughts* on ACIM Lesson 246 This one is really deep and touches the core of what we are and how we think of ourselves.

“To love my Father is to love His Son.”

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

* Jesus is speaking about God here.
* I am not so sure that I accept the virgin birth of Jesus of Nazareth any longer. In fact, I lean toward not accepting it, yet, I understand it was an important myth to be able to facilitate what Jesus would be attempting to teach us over several millennia.
* The recollection of my relationship with Jesus by name began at age four long before any church indoctrination. I simply had the knowledge that he was there like a big brother.
* It is because of what I have learned in ACIM about the “unreality” of our “stories”, “legends,” and “histories.” I coin those His Stories, meaning Christ’s in His confusion where He believed separation from God is possible.
* I can see why there is so much confusion about accepting that God IS when God is not seen and God is KNOWN ONLY by the witness of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. I accept God’s reality and it makes all the difference in my understanding of ACIM.
1. Let me not think that I can find the way to God, if I have hatred in my heart.
* I was reading the other day in HLCM Chapter 23 that we need to be still inside to know God. (Otherwise, the ego is so active in plotting and defending itself. ~Those are my words.)
* Please consider the fact that it may be just fine to be unhappy with the illusion if one understands IT IS an illusion.
* Hatred is there when we think that which is not of God’s Love and kindness is real and that God, if He existed would allow it.
²Let me not try to hurt God’s Son, and think that I can know his Father or my Self.
* It is one thing to be unhappy about the trickery of the ego and another to be in awareness of a forgiveness of the entire idea of separation from God. I propose that this is why Jesus said around Lesson 50 that our only Happiness is Forgiveness. (emphasis is mine)
³Let me not fail to recognize myself, and still believe that my awareness can contain my Father, or my mind conceive of all the love my Father has for me, and all the love which I return to Him.
* This is the embodiment of the Son of God (Christ) within each of us. This love, which is reciprocal, takes two and is what, I suggest, is the power behind creation.
2. I will accept the way You choose for me to come to You, my Father.
* I would relate this “way” to my “story”, my “role” on earth in this particular timeline at this particular time. I am not sure that I saw it that way before.
* It is acknowledging that there is a Universal Plan that I and all “others” agreed to play out and that is overseen by Jesus and other ascended masters so that each would have the freedom to choose everlasting life within the Mind of God and no force or manipulation would be used.
* Of PRIMARY significance is that it looks beyond the idea of “fairness” and accepts that WE AGREED merely to be “pawns” in the most important game of chess that has ever been played.
²For in that will I succeed, because it is Your Will.
* Every time I read the words of Jesus they are new to me because I have gained understanding somewhere and am new. So it is with these lessons. This one especially.
* I will succeed in “the way” that I was given to have expression and a voice at this time. I would include my body type and its condition at this time, my relationships, my status or position in the world, and any other demographic that appears to set me apart from others.
* This is a statement of acceptance of right where I am today. AND of recognizing that it aligns with the Will of God in a way that I do not comprehend at this time.
* That is rather a big deal for most of us, I suspect. Me, too. I truly feel that I have lived many lifetimes in this one and previously to prepare me, not only to do this but to express it as I am doing and will do as long as I am able.
* It seems important to note that ~ I agreed not to be able to comprehend or understand the ins and outs of how I present today. This is an important component because it signifies the true trust that the Father and the Son share. Wow, that brings tears.
³And I would recognize that what You will is what I will as well, and only that.
* Now, this could really “bite” if one believed that we are bodies or societies and not the Son of God. It embodies dropping all resistance to our “story” and “history” and embracing our role in accepting it because it serves God and His Son.
* My current way of looking at things is: “This is not life; it is the birthing place of Christ which demands His direct acceptance of the Eternal Life that God offers to Him and that it must be unanimous with complete acceptance in every way for God to be able to extend that Eternal Life to Him.”
⁴And so I choose to love Your Son. ⁵Amen.
* This decision that THIS part of the Christ Mind that is Me makes is vital to the Whole Reality of Christ’s existence as the Son of God.
* God knows who we are and that we are just frightened and that “in time” we will accept the Atonement and our place as part of the Sonship of Christ which God sees as ONE.
* Thank you for sharing this time and process with me. Till next time, God bless, debi.
This would mean that we accept the ROLES of all others in our lives for good or bad according to the current pull of ego persuasion, and do not hold a grudge for loss or impact of that which is NOT of God. (That means letting go of all judgment of the “story” we currently or previously appeared to play out.)
( | W-246.1:1–2:5)

Thank you for joining me. Till next time, God bless, debi.
Disclaimer: I am not “the last word” on A Course In Miracles, the Holy Spirit is. Please go to Him for confirmation of truth wherever you may find it.

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