Birdbox Revisited (2nd Edition)

It is not all fairy dust and rainbows out there! NO, DUH!

There was a time when I did not know the terror within which we currently exist. A time when I did not understand that the ego can do nothing of itself and the best that it can hope for is to chase a dream of chuckles, chance, or tragedy and end in a theatrical embrace of a death which is hardly a delightful way for an eternal being to think of itself even for a moment.

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⁶Salvation is a borderland where place and time and choice have meaning still, and yet it can be seen that they are temporary, out of place, and every choice has been already made. (ACIM, T-26.III.3:6)

Borderland is that place where the EGO stands revealed by the Holy Spirit and SEEKS to frighten but CAN NOT because the knowledge that it is not real is there.

At the same time, the heart and gut lunges and arches like a roller-coaster ride as the false world breaks away, and the Son of God is revealed.

Borderland, it is the place I identify as where I walk in the Atonement. I suspect it is in the land of form where I currently reside, as well as in the ‘afterlife’ and in all dimensions and multi-verses throughout the Sonship wherever I find my consciousness or that of any part of Christ.

Herein also lies my ‘feeling’ of the movie Bird Box and its components of threat and destruction consistent, and at the same time life reaches out to be acknowledged.

I have reached an age where my children desire to get along with me. I suspect it is mainly because they can see my death looming in the not-too-distant future and wish to make amends so they can live with themselves beyond my death. Death, not because of illness but age. Mortality’s reality.

I enjoy their kindnesses whatever the reason. And love is a truth in this space of dreaming no matter to whom it is extended.

I identify with Malory in Bird Box so much that I wrote a ten-page document about the show with many ACIM references, mainly from Chapters Eight and Nine of the Text. It lingers in the parameters of my mind and says I must look at it to testify that it is not real, nor lasting. And it can be known as not real because it does not last.

I had invited a grandson to view the show with me. He did not show up. I do not know why I asked. I already knew that he is beyond any true existence in my world. Meaning basically, he is not allowed to interact with me.

It seems that in his parent’s minds that when he was a child I was a fantasy, like the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, that was meant to be a part of childhood but now I might influence him and distract from the life they envision for him. And so whatever means are necessary to justify the well-meant ending which is ‘his growth and security’ are appropriate in their minds. Is that not a form of love as well. I can honor it as such. I let the Holy Spirit take care of that judgment. It is above my pay grade. 🙂

Does that sound familiar to your family or families that you have witnessed throughout your life? I am not suggesting I am unique.

My other children handled this issue in diverse ways that still met its goal. And most did it at a much younger age for the child. Basically, right from the get-go. Those fairy tale ideas about family are propaganda, folks, and primarily used as a marketing tool and a way to crack the whip over the heads and hearts of the masses so that they do not think for themselves.

(And you thought it was just those Scientologists and Mormons you cannot shake once you say hello. They will trail you for decades even after you declare a disinterest because numbers help with their tax break. lol)

It seems that every evil has its beginnings in truth because the truth is all there is.

We are not free to hear or engage with those who are not deemed like us out of fear that we will be magically changed into something unwelcome and undesirable as they are.

How I look forward to the day when the Atonement is alive in their lives and they can see that there can be no lasting influence from another because God has deemed it so and they will know that all is forgiven for even these questions and fears are not a part of the reality of what we are as God has created us. (Created us in our truth, not as we appear in our costumed roles within mortal existence.)

Such is the way of the ego within Time. Control through fear is its skeleton and death is its only reward with temporary glimpses of what heaven or joy might be like along the way. Like the wind monsters in Bird Box, the ego would crash you to your death before it would reveal the truth.

It is strange living among ghosts; those who have forgotten that they have a place within the heart of God.

A deep breath. That is what keeps me stable. That and a deep abiding faith in the witness of the Holy Spirit that tells me God is real and we only think we are managing without Him.

I am going to let my story of the Bird Box go with this post at least as regards the Course quotes because I suspect that I would be writing on each and every passage for truly I see a reflection of what we are experiencing within Time in that movie.

Within myself and without, through angels of all kinds, is the GPS that guides me into life and through those specters that would tare me down and trample me underfoot. They allow me existence as long as I keep my distance and that is fair. I will hold the witness of who they truly are for them, just as Jesus does and as he did for me until I was ready to remember who I am.

I want to get back to my readings and to the Workbook Lessons of ACIM. My writing is like droppers of understanding whereby I feed the Christ Consciousness and bear witness of the truthfulness of the words of Jesus and the hope and WAY that he shows us in the Atonement.

To think that I could be this calm in this House of Horrors that I stand in witness of within the Borderland is astounding to me. I have spent over 50 years of my life frantic that I could not do more to help humanity because I knew there was something that needed to be done.

ACIM has shown me that God truly does have the whole world in His Hands and when they are ready He will be waiting in the safe place with all the comforts that are needed for a healthy and happy existence.

We no longer need to be frightened.

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We are safe and protected, and we will be shown the way home.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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