Used by the Ego Social Media Accomplishes a Lot of Things

And we ALL use both sides of the coin. We seek info and we give info.

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12 April 2022, Debi Simmons (c)

Used by the ego social media accomplishes a lot of things.

Money in pockets for one. It is one of the greatest political and marketing strategies ever found because ‘they’ can find the pulse on nearly any topic they desire by making a headline and watching the response.

‘They’ are able to know just how much bogus influence we will sustain and how to bend the arc of opinion in any given direction.

It is an art and a science used since the beginning of time in various forms.

It encompasses all of the major arts of influence that politics and religion have used over the years. Vudoo, shunning, persuasion, charisma, revealing the Achilles heel, shock-treatments, ghosting, peer pressure, black-balling, fundraising, propaganda distribution, even bush-whacking, and ambushing, not to forget kidnapping, sexual abuse in all its forms and demographics, manipulation, con artists of all types while new ones are being manifested, and the good old classic; murder. Whew…


What is Christ (the Whole Consciousness) getting out of all of this?

Well, He is able to see just what He is thinking, or a lot of it anyway.

In the nightmare that is us collectively at the moment, He is having stirrings that are heretofore unknown in the history of mankind. At least to our knowledge.

Imagine His unrest.

I know you can argue that He is not in this anymore, it is only His alter-egos that are playing themselves out over and over again with the byline “God doesn’t live here anymore.” And we just need to forgive everything and let ourselves fade into the sunset. But hold that thought for a moment and pretend like He is still ‘here.’

He must be tossing in His sleep trying to wake up from something that is making no sense to Him and that could well be a good thing.


How might the Holy Spirit utilize a phenomenon such as social media?

Good question. The truth is there is a connection going on as has never happened as far as we know in human history.

Family members and friends are able to reacquaint with those they thought lost to them forever.

Hearts are being reminded that they long for those that they feel are a part of them. Might it not make them a little more compassionate or understanding of the desire of God to have a relationship with another component of Himself; even a Son?

Conversations are able to be had without the interference of repercussions that are known in other modalities and that can be replied to rapidly if not instantaneously.

Different voices are giving different perspectives on the same issue and individuals are having the opportunity to really question and decide under which cup lays the golden egg.

Is there any way you can imagine that the story of the Emperor’s Clothing could be more exposed, explored, and hashed over?

This is not an exhausted list by any means but you get the idea, that voices are being given an opportunity to be heard and humanity is being given the means to express itself and show itself for what it is and what it is not. These are key to the work that the Holy Spirit seeks to produce among the children of God from what I understand of Jesus’ teachings.

Now, I am all for gardening and nature in all its forms and delights. In other words, getting away from our tech devices, make no mistake. Especially since being cooped up indoors for three months with a severely broken leg and looking at another three months before I am back where I started in mobility.

But my ability to have an impact in the world has not been hampered by much at all because of social media. And even as my sensibilities make it very difficult for me to be in the company of mortals these days, I can still reach out through my meditations and by sharing what I have gleaned from my study of the works of Jesus with potentially thousands of individuals.

I am not sure that this has ever been the case in a manifested way heretofore. I know that we all have a collective mind and that in that sphere we communicate, but here among the avatars of the ego of Christ, it is a rare and beautiful thing.

Like all that God or the Son devise, in the sphere of the ego, it can and will be used in diverse ways that crush the human spirit, pit one against another, and taunt the have-nots of the world but the true form of all that God and the Son devise is for the blessing and delight of both Creator and Creation as equal recipients of one another’s affections and celebration.

Even in the world of the ego, we have been known to call this LOVE.


Thanks for reading,

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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