Quite frankly, so is everything else really. The world is “idea” not form.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

There is no peace to be found in the world outside ourselves.

Peace must be sought inside.

Let the Divine Inner Voice be the judge of everything and it will decide you are only as you were created which could only be as Source is in perfection.

This brings with it a desire to forgive anything that is outside of that perfection as it simply could not be “real” because Source “IS”.

From there one will be inspired to follow the direction of Divine Inner Guidance trusting that EVERYTHING is working just as it should and that any perceived failure or fault is already forgiven whether it appears to be in yourself or in others.

As this understanding becomes prevalent in society the earth will be renewed.

Grounding with feet on Gaia/earth can neutralize the negative charges that keep the collective psyche from peace. Visualize the negatives you have been exposed to as being sent into the soil and made ineffective. This allows the fulfilling of the work of Gaia for the Collective Consciousness.
This is within the power and capabilities of most of the human race.

The individual serves itself and the whole at the same time by accessing this peace that cannot be touched by circumstances that appear in the realm of the physical.

Written with prayer, sent with hope, debi 🙏💖🙏

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