Some Thoughts While Coming Out of Lockdown

Summer Reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You God the Power, Mom!

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Be compassionate and courteous to one another.

Just be sure to include being compassionate and courteous to yourself.
We all know what this means.
What is important to recognize as we transition into life again, and hopefully, into life from the place of the Atonement, is that not everyone is healthy mentally.
In fact, most of us are quite ill.

A Course In Miracles tells us this directly. When the ego has our attention and we believe that we are bodies and not spiritual children of God, we behave in fearful and irrational ways.

Basic compassion and being courteous will go a long way to our healing.
But do not believe as we were taught of old that we are to “turn the cheek” to indecent communications.

Even when verbal attacks are accompanied by a smile and even a pat on the back it betrays the intent of the heart of the one speaking to self-destruct.

To ignore it is to leave others wounded, show our children that this “behavior” must be acceptable, and degrade our own selves subconsciously so that we undermine our own relationship with the Creator.

Instead, bless them silently in your heart but separate yourself physically from attacking verbiage.

And teach your children by example what mental health looks like.

As a child of God, you do not deserve to be demeaned, it does not make you a “good person” to tolerate it, nor does it honor God.


This seems a heavy statement to step into after speaking of compassion, yet it is important to know that this is a part of the ego-mind. Which is where we live at this time of the “unveiling”.

Power-Hunger will be directed at individuals or groups.
It may be displayed as the cutting jokes that are hidden behind smiles in the last reference.

Power-Hunger comes from fear.
The louder and more fierce the bigger the fear.

Do not mistake this for intent to protect someone or something.
A show of healthy boundaries laid is not a sign of Power-Hunger but a sign of respect of self and others.

Power-Hunger comes from a fear of lack.
Could you forgive a child for being afraid?
That is all any of us are.

Be aware of it. Do not make excuses or justification for it in yourself or in others.
But also FORGIVE.
Forgive yourself for believing in lack and other person, too.

Then remember who you truly are in the Atonement, the “undoing” of the belief of separation from God through forgiveness and awareness of our oneness.

Sometimes those who have labels in the world such as government, police, or IRS are seen as Power-Hungry.
It is important to recognize that those we are taught “have our backs” can also be Power-Hungry.

Families, friends, and “tribes” are a prime example of such situations.

In the Atonement, no one is recognized as outside ourself, much less outside of the Sonship or “family”, if you will.

There is no one higher or lower, except for God who is creator of the Son.
God has given His Son(s) equal power and anyone who claims otherwise is mistaken.

Now, I am not telling you to not pay your taxes and do your own thing.

Not at all.

I am asking you to recognize who you are and align yourself with the guidance of the Holy Spirit which will direct you for the good of the Whole Sonship and the glory of God.

Gather in your mind, in peace.

What an interesting way to put this.
We think that bodies are supposed to gather, yet that which dies cannot be real or eternal, so there must be some other place that we gather and acknowledge God within ourselves.
In English one would call it the mind; the word you use really does not matter, as long as you understand it is that part of you that is eternal.

We all reside there, together, with God.
Take time in the day to gather in your mind in peace until that is where you exist no matter where you be in the world. In this state of mind you will never be alone, no matter how many you are around or how isolated you may be.

Strong boundaries are the best way to show others that God IS.

God gave you your sovereignty and your “space” to “be”.
However you define that will be unique to you because there is only one of you, even as we are all One and of God, the Father.

One thing I notice among well meaning people is that we use the tool of kindness or of distraction when we see that others are upset.

What this does is not allow you as a person to see and work out your issues with God through the Holy Spirit.
That is a real tabboo in the “civilized world”.
Actually, both, being upset and working it out with the Holy Spirit.
Here is the thing though. Only you can give that power away, and it is a power to unite with God through the Holy Spirit and your higher self or selves.

We can get “laughed out of it”, “bullied out of it”, or manipulated out of it with a smile and kindness, or circumstances we find ourselves in but it is available at our request.
The “catch” might be that we need to be willing to hear and act on what we are being told is for our highest good and that witness only comes from inside.

Forgive the original error with gratitude in your heart for daily blessings.

Becoming aware of the Atonement that Jesus asks us to partake in allows us to walk with the Holy Spirit and to grow into His Voice that involves giving up only what is not real.
I testify of what Jesus has shared with me and I speak of it as one who has been willing to experiment on his word.
If I am “barking up the wrong tree” I guess I will be okay with that.
I have not found anyone else who has given me any answers that make more sense than his.

Rather than believe there is no God or that He is vengeful and uses us as toys for His amusement just to have experience, it make sense to me that the Son may have had the mistaken belief that He had separated from God for a split second and a few of us got in that time warp.

Allow the Holy Spirit to take hold of the future by releasing your hold on fear. This allows Him to clean up the attachments and trauma that existed in the past.

Holding the hand of Jesus and letting go of the future by letting go of fear is something that takes a decision because it is not “natural” to the human mind who has forgotten he resides in God.

It has taken me years to walk into this place where I am today. It has meaning to me that its beyond my wildest imaginations. I do not believe everyone needs to take that much time, especially if we are willing to learn from others experiences.

As I walk closer to the last quarter of my life I find that I am more willing to step out in faith.
Those who I thought depended on me are solid and have their own inspiration and direction from the Holy Spirit if they should seek it.
It is not my place to worry or hover around them. I release them in love and joy in their adventures.

Your acknowledgment of others is to be aware of God’s Love for them by showing love for yourself.

Knowing that I have value as a voice for God through the Holy Spirit is important.
My experiences will become part of the storage of knowledge that we may access in the vaults of the Holy Spirit that help others not have to step into the place of challenge if they will acknowledge who and what they truly are.
Empowerment of self is how we give the light of empowerment to others.

Jesus did this in his walk on the earth as have others throughout the ages. As we take our turns again here on this plain of “unveiling” we will not have to experience many of the challenges previously met.
The Atonement is the way to reach that understanding within our hearts and minds.

In other words, it is right to know how another truly is.

Every person that you meet is Christ.
He is either in His right mind and knows he walks with God, lacking nothing or He is blinded by the ego’s fear bias.
You will know by your witness of the Holy Spirit with whom you walk.

This is different than we have been taught and that I have experienced throughout my life because your witness of him is not to assist him or look at him in any way greater or lesser than.

If there is an exchange it is given freely not out of guilt or debt but because it brings us joy to do so.

This is also not to wonder if we need protect ourselves for we are protected until our work is done and we may count on our ability to serve well just as we may have confidence that all others do as well.

Stepping into the Atonement, and walking there, is our first responsibility in the world. That puts us, through forgiveness, in complete communion God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit along with Jesus and other’s who know the truth.
Honoring ourselves has nothing to do with telling others how to live or justifying how we live. It has to do with living per the witness of the Holy Spirit and honoring ourselves. Thus giving thanks for the potential of life that we have in God and through Him.
We may recognize that Power-Hunger is a sign that ego mind is in control and we can send love and appreciation for those who do not yet know that they are of the Sonship of God, as Christ, His Son.
I have turned a curve in the upward spiral of my spiritual life.
I can no longer accept this existence as life.

The only thing that I can relate it to is an “unveiling”.
A place where we are able to get the witness that we are worthy of God’s presence by forgiving the very idea of separation.

I sense that it may mean that we work congruently or smoothly together and that no connecting tools are necessary because we are moving as one organistic thought process which is God.

I am not even sure that Jesus knows how it will manifest, though the only understanding necessary is that it will and, in fact, already is because nothing outside of God’s will can be.

I know that by the power of the Holy Spirit I will walk into that witness and be glad.

I also know that all other’s will walk into this place eventually because it is the only way that we will unite as a Sonship and awaken as Christ in the absolute presence of God.

In the name of Jesus, for the sake of Christ and the One Relationship He has which is with His Father, amen.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now. ❤

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