You Play a “Role” in the Universal Plan which Jesus Resides Over

Do not take your “role” too seriously. Let me explain:

From Workbook Lesson 204 of A Course In Miracles

“I am not a body. I am free.

For I am still as God created me.

1. (184) The Name of God is my inheritance.

²God’s Name reminds me that I am His Son, not slave to time, unbound by laws which rule the world of sick illusions, free in God, forever and forever one with Him.

³I am not a body. ⁴I am free.

⁵For I am still as God created me.”

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There is no reality in my earthly existence of betrayal and abandonment. It is simply the life I chose from the Universal Plan that would allow me to have the kind of “torture” that would allow me (or force me) to know that this world is not real.
And it continues even after I have acknowledged the Atonement in my life and that the only thing that could possibly be is God and His Will.
Does it continue because it needs to serve as someone else’s torture or is it just my reminder to “only” look to God?
Does it matter which, or that I know? No! I will be grateful for the opportunity to experience “life” day by day and know that it all works together for our good and that one day it will all role up and disappear.
Will it change if I use the right positive thinking or manifestation tools? Maybe, IF it fits in the Universal Plan and maybe not, and either way it is OK because I am “not slave to time, (*and am) unbound by laws which rule the world of sick illusions”.

Will I understand or untangle the meaning of it all? Only if it will lead me to where I let go of this world’s nonsense and can still forgive the original error of belief in separation from God.
Could that be important? That I see just how ugly we can be to each other and how we believe falsehoods and make them real to ourselves to our harm and the harm of others?

YES, it could be that some with very stout hearts and great faith have agreed to “see” just how insidious the cancer of denying God in self and others is; so that they could forgive, in its most correct form, and stand as witnesses that this is not “real”.
Yes, I believe that maybe Jesus needs some who are willing to perform this role in the Universal Plan and still know that they are “free in God forever, and forever one with Him.”
Not everyone will have chosen that kind of life. Some may find the challenge of giving up the “beauty and abundance of the world of form” even more challenging and be estranged from God that much longer.
Whatever your experience in the world of form, it is important to remember:
³I am not a body. ⁴I am free.
⁵For I am still as God created me. 🙏⁠💜⁠💪⁠🙏⁠
We got this!

Would this not be the perfect time to align yourself with your authentic Divine Reality and recognize the significant part of the Sonship, that is Christ, whom you are.
I do not promise you “smooth sailing” but I promise peace and joy inside that no “illusion” in the world can offer or destroy.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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