We Have What It Takes To Bring About the Change We Say We Want

We need to get clarity on what we want and be it.

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Our primary responsibility is to accept the Atonement that Jesus offers us in the undoing of the error of separation; which the Son of God believed briefly and released or had corrected.

In the power of that “instant,” there were parts of the Sonship who got trapped in the mental addiction of the error and insist that they are separate.

So powerful is their belief in this truth that they return to life on earth over and over to struggle and die, only to repeat the cycle and do not face the reality of their own divinity.

You offer them a witness of this truth of their divinity by accepting the Atonement, which acknowledges our innocence.

What is the Atonement?

It is forgiveness of the Son of God for the belief in the possibility of separation from God. You can call it “the Fall” or “sin” or anything you like, but it is a false precept.

This happens within your mind and heart and may or may not reflect what physical life expresses because this is not your “life”. It is a role you play in the Universal Plan that will allow the entire Sonship to return “willingly” to full communication with the Father/God.

Your individual gifts. Your talents and challenges are crucial to the workings of the Universal Plan in motion since the beginning of “time”.

Time is given to humanity by the Holy Spirit to remember who they are.
At the same time, the only reason we have time is that we bought into the guilt and shame in the idea of separation from God.

Otherwise, we would have one continuous moment of existence and experience and expression to the delight of ourselves and God, the Father.

Once all of us are in unison with that understanding, time will no longer be required.

An eternal now of experience will exist, and in that experience will be the ebb and flow of perfect communication between God and His Son.

For now, there are seemingly great “differences” among us.

These fulfill special “roles” required to bring about the end of “time” as we experience it today.

Please do not take your weakness or strength for granted, or feel that it has no meaning or purpose because nothing could be further from the truth?

Jesus claims that his role is unique only for a time. When the Son is restored to full communication with His Father, each of us will become aware that we have ALL that the Father has, and nothing is kept from any of us.

Our knowledge will be all-encompassing, and everything the Son has learned from all experiences within time will be accessible at will and without any sting or stigma.

We will be free to utilize all that IS in any dynamic we can envision. The only real difference between then and now is that we will be aware that it is us choosing our experience, and it will not be something that will infringe on or oppress ourselves or anyone else.

Until then, may there be NO confusion that Jesus is the leader for the Atonement, and that we will each eventually acknowledge him as part of Christ, even as he testifies that we are each a part of Christ, the Son of God, as well.

Once we have accepted the Atonement, we want to know the intimate details of another’s being.

Wait a minute!

Really, what happens is that you will not be able to avoid knowing the intimate details of another’s being.

Why? Because the Holy Spirit knows everything about everyone.

This can be rather disturbing to tell you the truth because there are so many ways that we betray ourselves and seek to harm one another, which is, of course, to harm ourselves.

At this time, we want to be mindful of healthy boundaries and be careful not to justify or excuse cruel behavior of any kind.

Of course, if we can help others, that is great! But to believe that you are responsible for doing for others what they can do for themselves is not okay.

And if they are the Son of God what need have they of you other than to acknowledge that through the Atonement?

Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness and love of them.

Notice how this flows so smoothly from the last recommendation?

With every breath I take, I acknowledge the Son of God, and I ask the Holy Spirit to release Him from His confusion.

Curiously, since having accepted the Atonement, I find that my abilities to “serve” humanity fall mainly on the plane of taking care of myself.

Sending out forgiveness from my heart and altering thought patterns that I had been given through “Christian” teachings shows me that I do no one any favors by treating them as if they are not capable of altering their experience.

And, dear ones, this includes the babies. I know we think of them as the beginning, but that is a myth propagated by those who would use us as a farmer would a crop to keep us from the witness of who we truly are.

If saving a child were magically transformative, would God not allow it for all of His Children? Remember that the baby is a complete eternal being just as you are and made decisions to experience what it would be like to be without God. This in NO Way justifies harming anyone in any way!

We cannot have it both ways. Either God IS and we are a part of Him. Or we ARE and we define existence by strength or tenacity and sheer luck.

I opt for the first that God IS and we are part of HIM.

It has taken me many experiences to come to this conclusion, but I desire no other!

If you think about this concept, you will understand that we currently live in a very corrupt society worldwide.

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His Story

This is not your life yet. You have life. You are an eternal being. But your eternal life does not begin until you release your future into the care of God, which wipes out the history you have so far experienced and leaves you with the present to express to the Universe what your desires may be.

You have agreed to come to live out the confusion of the Son AND to play a role in the Universal Plan for Atonement, the “undoing of the original error of belief in separation from God and all its consequences”.

This life I have experienced is not my story. It is Christ’s Story. The story of His confusion at being separated from the Father.

Christ’s nightmares and daydreams about what it might be like if it were truly possible for the Son to be separate from God.

God will not force anything on humanity. Likewise, once they are willing to receive, nothing can be held back from them.

And so the flow of the reading continues.

As eternal beings, some of us have accepted our “assignment” that we may get our fill of frustration and suffering. We will be willing to accept what Jesus offers us by his example of accepting the Atonement.

The fact that others have agreed to accept rather moderate physical existences does not mean that they are not part of the Universal Plan of Atonement program because they offer the counter-scenario, which brings about the frustration as to why there is no balance in life and opportunity for all.

Do you understand what I mean?

We are affected by one another “on purpose” and we “alone” decide if it is for the fulfillment of the ego’s purpose or the Holy Spirit’s.

We accepted our role and may use it to continue the construct of separation from God or use it for acknowledging our communication with Him, singularly through the Holy Spirit and eventually with Him directly once the Whole Sonship accepts the Atonement.

We alone decide if we have limits to our joy by which perspective we follow.

In truth, humanity and existence are multi-dimensional. It is the addiction to time and fear of the past affecting the future that keeps our attention from the magnificence of what we are.

All-time is happening now.
Once Atonement takes place in your life, thousands of years of confusion and suffering are eliminated because you no longer need those lessons to learn who you are. This frees up many others who are required to help you gain those lessons as well. So there is no greater work that you could do on earth than accepting the Atonement.

Individually and as a united entity in Christ, we have no limits to our reach and our opportunity for experience.

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In the Atonement, we can access our truth as love and exercise our one vital function: forgiveness.

The particular life role that I signed up for this time around had me accepting the Atonement without question as a little child through affirmative decisions that I made at four. I have not understood this until now at nearly sixty-five.

I can remember when I got the question posed to me to choose love or to choose anger and bitterness. I have struggled in life because I chose love but not nearly how I would have if I had chosen anger and bitterness.

I roamed on the outside circles of existence.

I witnessed a lot of different home environments on a very intimate level. At sixty-five, I can see that I looked at these experiences and recorded what I saw from the eyes of a much older individual.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have been here many times to learn to give attention to what I needed to see and not crumble at the witnessing of it.

I know that those reading this have felt that call of love and that they are here to bring healing forgiveness into the consciousness of the human psyche.

Jesus tells us that when one is healed, the whole is affected, and I believe this with all my heart. I know that humanity is on the curve to healing rapidly that has not been seen in its historical past.

Do not be discouraged because things do not flip in an instant. Rest assured that all is well and that the Whole Sonship will understand its divinity and gain eternal life where you will be acknowledged for your part in this great work.

God wants to bless us. We alone decide if that will occur or not. We alone decide if we stand as the Son of God or a crutch for someone else. We alone decide if we stand in our inheritance of all that the Father has or if we must crush another and make them subject to us to feel empowered.

It is up to me and you, individually.

We need to think about what this will really look like.

The Atonement is for Now.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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