In The Matrix, Neo discovered he was the one that would make all the difference. What if it takes just one, but that one has to be you? #inspiration #motivation #life #success #mindset #happiness #atonementnow

There is no other way!

Photo by Harry Cooke on Maybe freedom comes from acknowledging that we are part of “all that is” and not fighting what we appear to have as “challenges”. Maybe our challenges are there so others can see how we handle them and that is our service to the Whole.

The world of separation supports privacy to a fault!

Do not get me wrong! We all need our privacy or time to our own thoughts.

In the Atonement, we would allow that by virtue of respect for our own identity, which allows us to honor the other as God does.

Gathering time should be a place where we can share concerns of self and others under the umbrella of the Atonement.

The Atonement brings recognition that we are all one in God worthy of all that He IS as His Son.

This gathering should bring about greater joy for all, and none needs to be excluded because the challenges of humanity are not that diverse.

Meaning that they all fall under similar false perceptions relating to separation from God and one another.

What I am saying is we will see each other as God sees us.

We will see through each other’s shield of terror from the place of the Atonement and forgiveness.

We will see the struggles that come from belief in separation.

And not feel the need to join with them in that struggle.

We may help where we can but not join them, which is what we do today, especially in those organizations that suggest service and blind alliagence, like families and churches. Even the Ku Klux Klan does this.

If I cannot meet with others in freedom established through the Atonement, I do not wish to “gather or meet” with others.


Your PTSpD will not leave you, which basically means that you will see and feel the sorrow that would be a part of being separated from God IF that were possible.

Post Traumatic Separation Disorder

However, knowing there could never have been separation from God, you need not be scooped up into the drama any more than you desire or are inspired to by the Holy Spirit.

I have to admit that it can certainly feel like I must or should be dragged into it all sometimes, especially once you have children.

I have watched my children and my grandchildren be sucked into situations that I can do nothing about. And I cannot say that it does not hurt.

What I can say is that I know that these things are what was desired by them in their effort to “run away” from God just as mine were.

It blows my mind! And sometimes you just pick up one foot and then the other, one breath at a time, trusting that there is purpose in the nonsense!

I really do “get that!”

Remember, as you watch the horror film in front of you, that God IS, and nothing can change that, no matter what things may look like.


There is a Plan implemented and completed to fulfill the Atonement of the Son of God.

This is my backup.

This is the foundation I stand on.

I know that it is all right for me to experience joy and peace, even in a world of confusion.

And when the world steps in and tries to tell me otherwise, I look it square in the eye and say “NO” God is bigger than you, and I put my trust in Him.


Shove that cloak of guilt, shame, and embarrassment off of your shoulders.

We want to take on the world’s problems. I get it!

And in many cultures, we are taught to serve. Like the Son of God (of which you are a part) has need of anything other than realizing who He truly is!

The greatest service we can do is to know and honor the fact that we are children of God with the ability to forgive what could not have been done because God IS.

I did not try to imprison my children. I wanted them to have their freedom.

I did not understand that the world did not run on “freedom”.

It ran on bondage, and the children embraced that and seek to hold onto an existence that permits bondage in many forms.

Typically there is a demand that there be a “scapegoat” or focus “offering to the gods of sin” that say someone made the world bad, and now I can protect myself by shutting everything else out and pretending it is only me in the world. And those who follow along with my ideas of the world!

The world has shown us that “everyone” and “everything” has a price. Trust me, the children “out there” in the sex rings are not the only ones being “trafficked”!

I, who come from a place of forgiveness and joy, have no place with them because I mess up their convenient perception that there is an enemy “out there”.

It does not matter that certain people get thrown under the bus as long as there is an excuse for their gruffness and their lack of compassion.

You cannot escape this scenario with others! You must be willing to escape it on your own by changing the way you look at the world and yourself!

And I am not trying to sell you a way to find “true romance”! This is a solo gig!


Your knowledge and interaction with others are to be based on the testimony of God’s love for them.

This we do through the witness of forgiveness that the Atonement/”undoing of separation” provides.

We recognize that we are not our bodies. The most accurate description would be to say that we are our “minds” or at least that it is in our thoughts that we are united. Why? Because that is where we are in God!

We are in God’s thoughts and in His Will, which is the same as ours because we are of Him, but we run from that. And this creates the fearful rat race we find ourselves in.

This does not mean that we must be the ogar in someone else’s story.

Just because they decide to claim it is so.

You are not separate from God or others. If you bash others, you are bashing yourselves. If you lift others, you are lifting yourselves.

Bashing reflects our lack of focus on God.

We want to keep our eyes on Christ all around us.

That does not mean that you allow yourself to be a punching bag for others.

You show honor for others by treating yourself with respect and dignity.

Allow the Holy Spirit to take care of the future by releasing your hold on fear and allow Him to clean up the trauma and attachment that existed in the past.

This is a choice we need to make. It will not just happen automatically.

We chose the predicament that we find ourselves in as a species and all that is.

It is clear to me that the way to do this is to let go of so-called “relationships” that use you.

In ACIM, Jesus teaches that the only relationship we have or want is with God. All else is “actually” ourselves mirrored gazillions of times over.

The relationship with God is perfect in that He gives His all to you and requires only that you give your all to Him. It is a completely symbiotic relationship that holds nothing back.

Why would we desire bondage in place of freedom to be what we are?

Sadly, the ego-mind rational we have embraced leaves us believing that to be with God is to disappear when nothing could be further from the truth.

In God is the ONLY place our true identity is to be found, and it is possible to embrace that here and now.

And so what if that witness does not stay “sparkly” in front of us all the time? Once you really give yourself over to it, you will know that you can settle for nothing less.

You are of value to God, and joy is your inheritance.

Do not settle for less!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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