Compassion or indulgence and disparity? We decide that now!

It is that offering we extend to the Christ within one another and recognize with gratitude the Creator.

When we come together, we want to do so in an attitude of the Atonement!

⁷Give me your blessing, holy Son of God. ⁸I would behold you with the eyes of Christ, and see my perfect sinlessness in you. ( | W-161.11:7–8)

This is where all our encounters want to start. With the understanding that currently, we are living in an “ego state of mind” that has us separate from God and one another, on the defense, and attacking.

That’s just the facts of life at the moment.

Forgiveness of the original error of belief in separation from God and one another is our foundation.

That “witness”, which is of Christ, comes to us through the power and communication of the Holy Spirit.

Understanding this statement and recognizing the feeling or voice of the Holy Spirit is vital because it is He who will guide you thereafter.

The above passage does not suggest that you see no error in behavior or attitudes within the world but that you do not claim them as anything other than the mistaken error that they are.

The best defense is to be alert and aware of the ego-mind that is prevalent in the world so that the Holy Spirit may be your defense.

The Holy Spirit is aware of all that is going on with everyone and His guidance will lead you. Please, do not second guess those thoughts that say you are not safe. They are given to you for a reason. And it does not mean that you are “judging another person”, it means you respect who they believe they are at the moment. Remove yourself in love in your heart and go your way in peace.

We do not want to walk in a place a fear but with caution, and confidence in guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Our neighbor is our savior in that we need his place in the Atonement to be filled by him. His forgiveness of the original error, which covers all of my mistakes as well, is what makes us whole and complete. This is what will end time and unite us all as the Son of God, along with Jesus.

Please understand this does not mean that I believe the criminal element does not exist. It means that in having the Holy Spirit as our guide we will be more apt to see and acknowledge mental health issues before they become a threat to society.

And we will be willing to expose and talk about societal attitudes and accepted norms that do not promote equality, safety, and abundance for all.

Time is a dot in existence given to the Son of God to erase past pains and fear of the future!

Time is brought about by the error of belief in separation which created guilt and created a past from which we move into the future often ignoring the present.

When we heal the present by removing the guilt and shame of the past we take away the fear of the future and are able to live in now.

Death will hold no fear either. Death is only a thought that separates us from God, be it expressed in language, harm to self or another, illness, or death itself. There is no death because God lives and you are a part of God through His Son.

And there is no separation so while physical bodies may need to separate for any number of reasons our true state of thought cannot, in body or out.

Is it not better for humanity and all of creation to focus on how to unite our thought system under one umbrella of freedom for all? This is what Jesus is offering us within the Atonement.


No one can be forced to accept healing!

It is important to understand that to the human soul healing is frightening.

We have ourselves convinced that we are lost and would rather settle for a false reality than meet God where He is within each of us.

The Universal Plan is a script that has already been written. Jesus and other celestial beings are in charge of it.

It is a plan that is like a script for a play, it has been written out but it is in the rehearsal stage.

Characters can still be moved around a bit by choices they make and the length of the play has yet to be determined.

Jesus has told us that accepting the Atonement will shrink the need of time, which to me means suffering, by thousands of years.

That means that we can let go of the ownership of our role. Let the Holy Spirit take you where it will. Do not be encumbered by your present situation. (Encumbered: restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.)

If it is not what you would like it to be visualize what your ideal situation would be and feel it, sense it witness it, and give up how it is to come to pass, and trust that it will. In a time and a way you could not dream of but that will be so much greater than you envisioned you will be in awe.

Remember, we have a role to play, but it truly is only a role, you are safe in the mind and will of God.

It is important to remember that we are whole and complete right now as a part of Christ and give up the idea that things happen to us without our willing it to be so. Then take a conscious and active part in what you do want to come your way.

Atonement is an experience we all will eventually partake in but the timing of it is up to us individually.

That means that in the moment people will play out roles in the script and not all will be mellow and civilized.

It is because of this “current reality” that we have to keep ourselves awake at all times to attacks that humanity imposes on itself.

I think of the 2018 thriller “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock. I won’t give it away but we do live in an environment where we are suicidal. We seek death. And it is the Holy Spirit within ourselves that has the ability to guide us safely out of that thinking and into our true home.

Think of what we are creating for our future.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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