It lifts us out of this society and into heaven’s presence.

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Forgive the original error, with gratitude, for all those who would join you in this forgiveness.

The others who join you in this forgiveness enlarge the awareness of the divinity within and carry us to our ultimate awareness of Christ, God’s Son and all that is, which is what we ARE.

The Universal Plan is in flux and is manned by ascended masters. You are a key component of the Universal Plan.

Do not fret not understanding what is going on or what it is all about. In ACIM Jesus makes it very clear that we are not going to understand the confusion of the ego.

Trust is a key component here.

The Holy Spirit is your connection to that which is united among all of creation. Let that inner voice which speaks of peace and joy in the midst of chaos be your constant companion. You are worthy and you are loved.

When you give you receive. Bash others and you bash yourself because they literally are a part of you.

Connection and oneness are just what they say they are. They are complete and whole; and that is what you are. 

Your attempts to crush others or yourself will not be honored or realized because that is not the Will of God.

Destroying the body does not destroy you because that is not what you are. 

Same with the mind or “coping mechanism” of this world. 

If this discussion makes you want to go torture someone to prove it then you are someone I cannot reach, but if it makes you more willing to open your eyes to what is going on in the world so that it may be truly “forgiven” and “released” within the psyche of the Son of God I am grateful.

Receiving the atonement on behalf of Christ that is in you is your primary function. It begins with awareness and willingness to extend absolving forgiveness to all that is. 

When you receive the atonement for yourself it is only the beginning. 

As you walk in the world with your eyes wide open and do not hide from or excuse and justify behavior that is against God and humanity, you heal it, because you have truly forgiven what cannot be of God. 

You do not need to confront it or tackle it, you simply need to be aware of it and include it in the awareness of your forgiveness that you offer the world on the Lord’s behalf.

You know, they told me that A Course In Miracles did not place Jesus in the esteemed place that Christianity did. And I believed them.

I knew Jesus as a friend and as an elder brother. He has been here with me by name since I was four. So our relationship would only evolve rather than dissolve. For this I am grateful. 

Yesterday I read in the Urtext this passage:

“In the holy instant, the condition of love is met for minds are joined without the body’s INTERFERENCE, and where there is communication, there is peace. The Prince of Peace was born to re-establish the CONDITION of love, by teaching that communication remains unbroken, even if the body is destroyed, PROVIDED THAT you see NOT the body as the necessary means of communication.” page 324

This passage struck me in many ways. One that I could not ignore was that whatever myths came out of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, his life did have a significant purpose to me and to all humanity. As does mine and yours.

When I think of all the myths, rumors, and fake news that could said of my life, I can only think that it is no wonder that Jesus and his story has been dealt with as it has. 

Jesus has always been my chief guide and companion and will always be. He has the recall of the Father in a way that none of the rest of us do because he was the first born in spirit, the first to believe separation was possible, and the first to undo that error through the Atonement. 

I gratefully join him in that witness of the Atonement.

Photo by Chris Sowder on Unsplash

We all suffer from PTSD Post Traumatic Separation Disorder, even Jesus.

It constitutes what we feel when we feel at a loss or incapable of meeting the challenges of the day. 

It embraces the sad side of compassion that walks with us in this world of confusion, strife, and chaos.

It rears its head in competition, superstition, greed, and even entitlement. 

It has a remedy and that remedy is the Atonement that Jesus invites us to partake of with him. 

Forgiveness for the error of the Son of God and recall of our place and position with God, the Father restores the peace that never left us.

Do not fault yourself for emotional highs and lows, these are only learning curves that, when given to the Holy Spirit, can be transformed into wings of light that lift you to greater understanding.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist and encourage anyone to seek competent professionals for depression and other mental health issues.

Compassion needs to be our offering to one another.

Forgiveness is our only function according to A Course In Miracles.

It also says that forgiveness is our only true happiness. Absolute, absolving forgiveness that erases all error (because you understand that it could not be because God IS, period) and all desire for punishment, revenge, or compensation.

I am digesting that last part to tell you the truth. We have lived by this other code for so long it is difficult to let go of even the idea of justice. 

But if the code of justice is real then God is not soveriegn. His Kingdom is divided and corruptible and this just cannot be. 

As a retiree, my ability to function in the world like this may be easier than for those who are younger. As with all things that I teach, I will study this out and watch for instruction from the Holy Spirit.


Interestingly this is touched on twice in this draw of the cards already with a third to follow. 

Depression is one of the three temptations of humanity. The other two being Power-Hunger and Addiction.

Depression comes when you do not feel supported and you have a sense of lack. It can seem justified or not. Extremes of highs and lows are forms as well and all of it indicates a lack of awareness of your place in God.

Let me say clearly that all things can be used by the Holy Spirit for the benefit of humanity so to say a person is not living in the atonement if they are depressed would be an error.

However, the cause of depression is only found within the atonement which enlightens our minds to the oneness of all creation and the love of God for His Son of whom we are a part that has been denied because we believe we have failed Him or He has abandoned us.

We tend to want to fix things. It has been said that the males do this more but women, and youth, do it just as much. 

I get the impression from Jesus that “fixing things” may not be the goal but rather, to simply observe them and let them be. It is a fairly new idea to me but I must say that this is the impression I am getting.

To observe what is amiss and forgive it, in our own daily walk, no matter on what level of physicality it has; if we can allow ourselves to observe and not take in the “fix it” mentality but rather recognize that in the observing we can eliminate that which is erroneous in the consciousness of humanity by observation and absolving forgiveness would be a miracle that I would be ever so greatful for. 

Could it really be that simple?!!!

Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness of them and Love for them. 

This just seems to repeat the same message to me. 

That I want to release my understanding of justice as it has been taught through the ages, primarily by Christianity, in the context that it claimed that Jesus Christ paid a price for our sin and redeemed us. 

Sin itself is contrary to the reality that God IS. 

If sin could be, then God is not God.

Only what is real can of God but His Son may choose to reject what is real. It is recognizing this and giving your faith over to what is real by letting go of fear that delivers us.

God is greater than us by virtue of His being the Creator.

 And He has given all to His Creation because that is what He Is, what Love Is, and what Love Does.

We are worthy for we are His.

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