They teach you, they challenge you. Most importantly they are you.

Yes, even the most challenging among us is part of the Whole.

We are the ONE that God will not divide.

That ideology has been misplaced with the concept of unions that create children by the Ego and it is false.

Bodies cannot be One.

But you are not a body. You are an idea in the mind of God.

Minds CAN, ARE, and ALWAYS will be!

This is the WILL that unites us with the mind of God where we truly reside!

On earth, we have allowed the Ego to tell us we are separate and able to attack as well as being attacked. And our power of creation within our minds is so great that we have been given just that.

The Ego is the fictional character in our collective thought process that Jesus wants to quiet with the Atonement. IE The “undoing” of an error.

The Ego has left us with false evidence brought about by our fear because of our belief that we have separated from God when nothing could be further from the truth and is, in fact, impossible.

Urtext of A Course In Miracles page 359 says:

If you but recognized His (*God’s) gratitude! Or mine (*Jesus’) through His! For we (*you, me, and Jesus) are joined as one in purpose, being of one mind with Him.”

We are the Christ “unitedly”. We are not separate from God or from each other.

Even though the Ego has taught us this for eons.

Do not let this lead you to believe that you have no “reality or being” because God started creation and the Son’s state of confusion will not stop it. No, we have no true reality here in the state of error, which is why we may forgive all that we perceive. But we do have true reality in God and of God as extensions of His Son which God will honor and make real and so it will be ad infinitum.

To our reading: I sometimes do not understand why I still do a weekly reading and yet am only impressed to share it every other week.

Maybe we need to be aware when we have a situation that needs to be seen so it can be corrected. Which in this case would be that the first two cards that were pulled are identical for both weeks and in the same order. How “coincidental” is that?!!? Please give acknowledgment to this as you read on, thank you.

We also would have missed the wonderful story that illustrates what I believe is “the miracle” we are all looking for where love replaces fear which aligns with those very cards.

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Give thanks to God for each other and show compassion and courtesy one to another.

This was also the way that I was impressed to begin this article, its significance just radiates within me as so crucial to our existence.

It is important to note that NO ONE may be excluded or you exclude yourself as a part of the Sonship, IE Christ.

You will see others according to their role in the Universal Plan. Do not think that you can or must “fix” everything. Trust in the wisdom of God.

Remember that your only function here is to forgive, this allows God’s Love to roll forth here in the illusion/dream.

The Atonement, whose foundation is forgiveness, embraces the undoing of the original error of belief in the separation from God and it’s consequences while also acknowledging our union with God and one another.

ALL IS NOW. How else do you think it all gets corrected? What you forgive NOW alters the future and the past.

This means that we have the power “by YOU accepting the Atonement” to change the world, LITERALLY!

You are living His Story, you are playing a role that you do not have to OWN, you just have to forgive it and all that created it.

That is what the Atonement is all about. There was an error made in the birth of Christ that felt a sense of separation which is an impossibility.

This expressed itself in the form of an Ego that has since diversified itself in many forms with the intention of preserving its life while holding itself accountable for separation from God.

Father lovingly called to His Son and Jesus was the first to accept the Atonement and thus became it, in essence.

Like us, Jesus has learned “line upon line and precept upon precept”.
Jesus asks us to join him in the undoing of the original error and all its consequences that the healing of Christ, the Son of God may be complete.

Give thanks to God for each other and show compassion and courtesy one to another.

The Story (Recorded audio April 27, 2021 on Miracle Voices #7; Judy’s Miracle in the NYC Subway) This is my summary and comments:

She’d heard of a molestation and murder of a school teacher on the NYC subway she used regularly. This was back in the late 70’s.

She went out one morning and there were not many people on the platform. When she got in her car there were three or four young men between the ages of 18 and 24 who appeared to be very stoned and were having fun and laughing. One of them pointed to her and then whispered to the others. A tall young man approached her and took a hold of her bag. She did not just release it to him.

Instead, she closed her eyes and recalled the lesson of the day “Let miracles replace grievances.” And she opened her eyes and the fellow looked into them and found no fear and only love. She saw love in his eyes as well. They both smiled and then laughed as if they were old friends sharing a joke. He went back to his seat where the others looked at him strangely and after he said something to them that she could not hear they all continued to laugh till the young men got off at their stop.

When the car stopped, she had been so relaxed that her purse fell to the floor and flew across the train and one of the young men got up, handed it to her, and said. “You have a good day, ma’am.” She spent the rest of the day ecstatic, feeling she had truly received a miracle.

I would just like to recognize, celebrate, and give thanks to, and for, the young man who chose to act in love instead of fear on the subway.

Judy did not give him what he did not have by her “pause” in the terror response, rather she connected to Source and shared their mutual place within Source. “Love is contagious.” Yes, because we are able to remind each other who we truly are.

And thanks to his companions who accepted his lead and chose love and acceptance of our uniqueness, and oneness (shown by the lad’s manners when he gave her his purse back), instead of fear.


Can we really judge here what occurred though??

Could they have seen the fear in her face as she sat there alone? Could that have been what prompted their “prank”? Who are we to judge if it was a prank or an assault?


What if what he whispered was “Look at her she’s scared silly! And the other one said, “Watch, I’ll make her pee her pants!”

How would we then perceive the situation knowing they really meant her no harm? Because these young people, even today, are used to being feared because of their age, their looks, not to mention their color, music choice, gender, etc.. And who would want to live like that? Does prejudiced not come from fear?


To look at this situation without acknowledging the young men’s part in the miracle, would, in my mind, be what gets taken as “white supremacy” or a “holier than thou” attitude (*Derived, dear ones, from fear.). It is also a form of divisiveness, and separation, which as students of the Course we have committed through the Atonement to “undo”.


Judy admits, “I was holding from the past, my prejudices, they were a mixed race group, and I had prejudice about about young men, a little bit older than teenage, doing violence in New York City. And in truth they were going to do something to me, but I was holding this shroud, like, like of terror.”

I fully believe that her desire today in sharing this story is to heal this type of response to one another. For those who know God must not walk in fear.


In truth, these young men might have been wanting to teach her a lesson not to judge others. They “could” even have been “angels” put there to do just that.

There are no coincidences, I think that is in the Course. Did she need that experience to remind her to open the door to her Higher Self/Inner Voice/Holy Spirit? For the sake of the Course? For the sake of another more dangerous scenario?

Judy says from that time forward she’s pretty sure she never forgot to ask for assistance when in a state of fear. That is a “gift” that could even be called a “miracle”, imho.


These comments have not posted so that the author, Judy S. could see it as yet. She is over 90 and I do not wish to overwhelm her with my review. It would be nice to give her a chance for rebuttle though so I will post it directly later today. She is also the last of the core founders from when A Course In Miracles was given to the world. We will dearly miss her when she makes her transition.

Her conclusion and attempt at “laughter over the situation”, which is the legacy those who have taught the Course have given to Bill a co-scribe, was “Stay off subways!”. I just had to respond. And here are a few more of my comments:

Even as a joke, “Stay off subways” was not in the best of taste because it is a comment of “fear”and suggests once again, that danger lies out there lurking somewhere and we do not want to live with that thought.

Do you see how sly the subconscious can be about putting fear into our lives even when we know it is not desired?


To let them take the purse may have been the right thing in another scenario. Be certain, we cannot “judge” form, we must take it in the moment and follow our instincts and inner voice. What is important was that she reached inside herself in faith or desperation in her “terror” which sometimes prompts the “leap of faith”, that she would receive or have an answer.


I agree that learning to follow that inner voice can happen instantaneously or take years. It took me decades to trust God and to trust God’s trust in me, and then to trust myself in action. Still working on that last part, but that does not mean I have not accepted the Atonement, forgiven the original error, and know that we are all one in God.


I have reached a place where I can trust nothing else but His guidance and I place all I am or ever may be in His hands. There are many roads that will bring us to this place. Judy’s road is using the formula “Let miracles replace grievances.” Yours might be different. Maybe that is what “Teach Only Love” means. Hmm, makes sense to me.


As we head into the Happy Dream it seems unrealistic to think of nonduality in any other form than in the mind, which would be focused on forgiving the original error and knowing we are all one.

Here is something that really needs to be corrected in the way that A Course in Miracles is discussed. NONDUALITY.

Nonduality exists in the mind because the mind is the only thing that is real.

Now, that having been said what we want to do is think of ourselves as if “You are living His Story, you are playing a role that you do not have to OWN, you just have to forgive it and all that created it.”

Then interact with society and the earth from your place in the Atonement that has forgiven the original error of belief in separation from God and one another and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

As you follow them, the promptings will become louder and easier to recognize. In the process you will gain confidence in yourself and be led to clear away those beliefs that keep you from trusting that inner voice and all that comes through you to be from God the Father. I can only say this because this has been my experience and it brings tears to my eyes as I embrace that witness. I know it is true.

You ARE because God IS! Embrace it! Give thanks! And as you live you will share that with others!

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You will see others according to their role in the Universal Plan. Do not think that you can or must “fix” everything. Trust in the wisdom of God.

We must not forget that the Universal Plan is in play and Jesus runs the orchestration of this Plan according to our choices and the timing of them.

Do not judge yourself or others if you are not quite what you think you ought to be or even if you feel as if one of you is “way off base”.

The Atonement also brings us into awareness of the Holy Instant which places us in Heaven moment by moment. It unites us to God and all that is.

It recognizes the truth that everything is as God designed it in its innocence and purity.

It allows us to see the chaos and confusion brought on by the Ego and to address it mercifully within the Universal Plan and its laws without believing that it is anything more than an illusion.

God will not force anything on humanity. Likewise, once they are willing to receive nothing can be held back.

When we give up fear and choose to respond from the place of the Atonement, from the place that knows that we are wholly innocent and the united Sonship of Christ we will change the world one at a time.

And do not think that it must take a long time.

There is a Happy Dream awaiting Christ as the light of the world is able to dawn on humanity because they realize they are One Before God and One Unitedly Equal in every way before God and important to our own personal salvation and the quality of our very existence.

Illness of body or society will afflict us when we close our eyes to our own “being” or that of another. When it happens apathy, loss of memory and function can happen.

Do not point fingers at the ills in an individual or society because they may have been put there to bring our attention to what we need to “see”.

Do you see why I say I walk in peace and joy? Knowing what I do how could I do anything else? You can, too! I have no doubt! ❤

Till next time, be happy, God bless, bye for now.

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