Why do we keep refusing?

Even in the hurricane there is a place of calm and joy.

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

(Please allow me some personal “balancing time” before the reading. Thank you.)

Well, I figured out why I have been so “loopy” and not on my game as a writer.

It turns out I have been dealing with vertigo for over a year now.

Having your body off balance will mean that the brain’s focus needs to keep you stable in the physical world and would not allow a great deal of energy to be spent in creative endeavors, though I am not ashamed of what I have done,

I had thought to do more.Diagnosis is only the beginning, but it is a significant beginning because it puts you on the path to recovery.

Tools can be utilized and measures can be taken that give rise to the hope of a better tomorrow.

That summarizes the energy I received overall in the reading that I did today.

I had once marked the deck that I use to find the passages in Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power Mom! with the basic meanings of a Tarot deck.

It was interesting to note what appeared in today’s draw of 8 cards, done in 4 card increments, each four representing a weekly reading.

There were 3 “new beginnings,” and one was a duplicate (Ace of hearts in both 4 card draws.).

This energy told me powerfully that God desires to bless us.

There were also 2 “choice” and 1 “coming to a head” cards in the first draw.

The second draw contained 2 “beginnings” along with “prep” and “fate,” suggesting to me that, while we are moving into this better place that is our destiny, it is only coming back into our true state of being, which is in God.

How often does humanity look at “fate” as if it were “home” instead of confinement, punishment, or representing a lack of freedom of choice?

It is vital that you invite others to know the truth. 

When I first put this in the book in 2019 I may have been inclined to think that we were to “share the word” more or less literally.

Since then the “tell it to the world” message that everyone preaches, from religious zealots to self-help business tycoons, has been knocked out of me, right proper.

Today I realize that it is not how many followers we have or if our book makes it to Hollywood but how we live our lives and how we think about ourselves and others.

We are energetic in nature here in the physical and what we think is communicated to the Whole of the Sonship without us having to say or write a word.I think I would instead suggest that it is vital that you desire to know the truth for yourself so that what is being extended throughout the Sonship by you IS Truth.

Jesus was the first thought of Christ once He considered the possibility of separating from God and it is his projection (Universal Plan, per ACIM) that we are participating in within what seems to be our lives. 

Here was Restoration and Deliverance from the Error delivered through the Atonement.

It is also why Jesus, in some circles, is considered to have a big ego. 

But the Restoration and Error have nothing to do with Jesus as an individual.

It could have been any one of us who had been first to consider ourselves separate. 

It just so happened that the first was able to recall the absolute unity with God that had never been broken and could testify of this to all the rest of the Sonship. 

Do not see this as a reason to once again crucify a Son of God but forgive him, and each of us, of the belief that separation from God was possible, even for a moment.

Give thanks to God and show compassion and courtesy to one another.

Let go of old grievances and live in the moment.

The Holy Spirit and the angels that have been promised will direct you along your way. When you see your history as His Story and let it go, you will have peace and joy in the moment knowing who you truly are in God. 

You will also be able to let go of fear.

Then you will be free to listen to the still small voice that will guide you and comfort you along the way. 

Do not be afraid to see one another.

Humanity does this when they see something they do not like. 

This is not the end of who they are, this is Christ crying out for relief. 

Embrace the moment, embrace them within your heart.

See them.

Hear them. 

They will not leave you alone and abandon you to death or otherwise. 

No more than Jesus or God has. 

It is impossible.

It is right to want to know how another truly is. But first, you must be willing to “see” them with the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Then compassion is the lens with which we see.

Often the wounds we carry are not seen by others.

This is why caution and courtesy are important at all times.

A key thing to remember about Time is that everything is really happening all at once. All lives, stories, deeds, everything encompassing His Story is happening right NOW and any action releasing the impact of His Story (through forgiveness) affects NOW.

See the world and all its variables of strife, but understand that this is simply confusion and will be undone with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, one individual at a time.

When you align your life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit you can trust that you will be moving on a spiral that is continually moving upward in understanding.

You can use the things that you are learning to gain different perspectives on old issues.

Do not be afraid of change. 

In this place of confusion change is part of the restoration of what is real.

As you walk in the Atonement, you cannot help but light the way for others to remember who they are as God’s Son.

They may not respond immediately but Jesus says to rest assured that you have shared the light of the atonement with them and it will assist them in finding it for themselves. 

New Beginnings are available each and every day.

Our circumstances may not change but the personal witness of who we are will.

And that changes our entire outlook on the world. God’s Love will lead us gently into a true reality of Love because that is who we are in Him. 

He will not use coercion or manipulation to have us receive this. 

It is our destiny, our essence really, but to truly have life it must be accepted. 

It is totally up to us.

Why not NOW?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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