It Is His Story, Not Ours: Let Us “See” Christ and Set Him Free To Bless Us

You have an identity and you have relationships; they just may not be what you “see” today.

What do I mean by that? I mean that ARE because God declared it so but the role you play here may have very little to do with who you really are.

Life is NOT what we have been led to believe that it is!

In this reading, we look at what we are and how to realize it.

From Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!

Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder is like a mist that follows us in the physical world of form.

First off we think of ourselves as adults and children and this is not true.

We are fully grown eternal beings, IE Children of God.

And while the confusion and suffering we see all around us is an illusion because we feel separated from God, you are not. Maybe you do not think that you have no validity but there are many who do (A Course In Miracles has been taught that way to many high academic personalities and by many popular personalities for forty-five years.) and I believe it is a misunderstanding and stops us from progressing and allowing Christ to be revealed.

His Story

It is the nightmare of the Son of God (Christ) that we are playing out and which we have been endowed by God, in Christ, with the ability to bring to an end.

Even in our sweetest scenarios on earth, we do not experience the full power of the love that God wishes to share with His Son.

That makes you a SUPERHERO because you are saving the Son of God as a part of the Son Himself. (I capitalize Himself to identify that Higher Self within each of us that is a part of the Sonship and vital to the recognition of Christ among us.)

The wonderful thing about doing something for God is that He gives more than you offer Him. In this case, He gives you validation in YOUR Eternal Life when you restore His Son to your awareness.

I am a student of A Course In Miracles. On second thought, I am a follower of Jesus and I study all of His works and teachings. I find that I align with none of the current religions or ideologies that I have come across, including those among the most open ACIM students because they will often take the metaphysical stance alone and declare we are dream material only.

You will become “different from the pack”, but it is the course of all of us eventually because this is not our reality.

I believe that we are caught in a dream state but that, as the Course states, we are very much a part of creation and simply need to allow ourselves to recall what IS. Which is primarily God, and that we are unitedly His Son which you might say is “an extension of Himself while being within Himself”. Hence:

We have to let go of the overwhelming expectations and ambivalence that we have of one another and see ourselves as the ambassadors that we are!

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We must see ourselves as guards with the keys to unlock the chains that hold the Son of God trapped and unaware of His potential and power in the Father.

Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder cannot overwhelm when the beacon of the Atonement glows.

As we come into a recognition of who we are we will need to understand the safety of the Atonement and that this is where our freedom, protection, and sanity lie. It is really the only place it is.

Atonement is recognizing that God and His Son have never separated because it is not God’s will. It acknowledges that you are part of the Sonship, as is everything else. It also forgives what could never have occurred which is all the nonsense that comes with the belief in separation.

We are in the Father who IS all that is. I mean this metaphorically, figuratively, realistically, and every other way possible. Period.

God IS.

Bottom line. Just because we do not remember it does not make it false.

Because you are of God what you believe will be presented to you. Why not take a chance and open the door to the possibility that God IS.

His Holy Spirit will rush in and help you to find that which was hidden when you embraced the belief in suffering, punishment, and death. Don’t be afraid, these are not sins they are the consequence of believing in separation from God. It is a self-induced delusion, that feels very real.

The peace and joy found in the Atonement give you the courage to meet what comes one step at a time knowing you are not alone and all is well.

You are of God and in God, worthy of all that is. Innocent as a child and capable of making mistakes.

Do not fear.

Your Father is not a vengeful God.

He takes no delight in seeing His children struggle or fall.

Jesus teaches us that our only function is forgiveness which is salvation. (ACIM)

God will gently and lovingly encourage you, support you, and lift you up to success; rejoicing, not in the goal because that has always been, rather in the warmth of His affection and gratitude, which you return in abundance.

There is no experience in the flesh that can compete with the witness of His Love. In fact, it is so alluring, tantalizing, and consuming that we will need time to acclimate our psyche’s to be able to embrace it completely.

Before that will happen we must wake up to the fact that we desire His presence and are nothing without it.

We have convinced ourselves that we are undeserving and continue this cycle of anger and depression that we do not have to accept and only we can stop.

All “TIME” is truly occurring right now so what we do at this moment has the power to change the future and the past.

It was “understanding” this concept that allowed me to imagine how the redemption spoken of in the Bible could occur.

Most scenarios being played out are but the frantic thoughts of separation. Not only on this planet but in multiverses and dimensions without number.

We are not left without God’s influence. And by listening to the Holy Spirit within our hearts and minds we can be guided home and out of the confusion.

We appear to be addicted to suffering, intent on envisioning an existence without God, so much so that it seems we will not consider a place where we have no lack and nothing can harm us. It is a matter of deciding that this is true for ourselves.

When will we embrace the idea that our suffering comes from within because no one can give the Son of God what He does not allow? And I am talking about the higher consciousness that we can reach if we attempt it when we have not accepted the blinders like we have in childhood and infancy.

In the world of illusions, we use people’s situations and emotions to enhance our own lives and comfort.

In the Atonement, we see others as ourselves, sovereign Children of God directed by the Holy Spirit toward a better life for all of us.

Within the illusion, we fabricate stories, especially in families and small communities, but also in the world at large so that we can feel good about ourselves. This creates a foundation of distrust that corrupts our societies at a fundamental level.

A troubled family of origin is a place that you chose to appear to ASSIST those within that environment as well as to grow your own spiritual understanding. I say this because I know behind all the confusion of the Son of God is a loving Father that has faith in you.

Remember you are not an infant. You are not invalid, not even when in infant form. You accepted that role for a reason and did so willingly. You were and always have been a fully empowered Child of God.

The Atonement must be done on an individual basis.

Its purpose is to align you with God’s Voice in the Holy Spirit to return you to your correct state of mind which is completely in God and aligned with His Will.

Our ego’s see this as threat and bondage, instead of freedom and our true identity. We need each other’s witness, often called light, to have the courage to do this.

Jesus, as our elder brother, has taken the first step which is why we can follow him in the Atonement but as a “part of Christ” Jesus will not be at home with the Father until we all are.

Once Christ knows Himself fully again the Holy Spirit will no longer be needed since He/We will be fully within the Father.

Because we are all a part of the Sonship, we will need the Holy Spirit until all have come to the Atonement.

We all stand in grace as little children before our Heavenly Father.

This is so very key to how we change the paradigm that humanity currently has.

Within this construct, the Holy Spirit can be heard.

We are all equally valuable and vital to paving the way back to sanity.

With this understanding, I know in my heart that my union with the Father and eternal life is untouchable except by my own denial.

And it is so with yours.

This is my witness, in the name of Jesus Christ, that name that Jesus in A Course In Miracles Urtext says belongs not to Jesus of Nazareth but is encompassing of all concepts and forms of diety and god within the Sonship consciousness. Amen.

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