Atonement Is Everlasting Life In God so Death is but a Change In Form

Humans have the ability to create a new paradigm on the meaning of life.

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There is no permanence in what we call death. It is “a trip” behind the curtain for a costume change. Whether it is back to earth to understand or teach what was not clear or to assist in other realms or dimensions

There is a foundational understanding that can free humanity. And it is found in the Atonement (undoing of the error) that Jesus has taught us in various forms for eons.

Each one of us is a god in embryo. It is the source and “material” of which we are made.

Individually and collectively we are capable of creating a world full of abundance and delight such as our imaginations today cannot even begin to dream of.

It is already a part of who and what we are.

We need to let go of the fear of our own power, our sense of unworthiness, and the dream of destruction.

The power of the ego, the body, or even of money and privilege has no comparison to the power of a Child of God who knows who they are and that they are looked after and “backed-up” by the Father.

The following are two universal readings I did. It has been my practice for several years to share my witness as fully as I understand it today for today may be all I have before I am called to “another assignment.” I do not seek to “assist society where it is”; rather, I seek to show society what truly IS to the best of my ability.

I have come to recognize this as my witness of what Jesus means when he says that the Holy Spirit teaches us “To HAVE, GIVE all To all”. (page Urtext of ACIM 610 pg. pdf)

The “body” is not your identity.

When you believe it is, it becomes an idol that attempts to replace God.

We want to think “God First” then take care of the body as a “communication instrument”.

Our most authentic self is found within the inner voice that guides us in this world of form. The Holy Spirit is a combination of that Higher Self and the Father.

It is the part of ourselves who has the “knowing” and who will lead us home once we are psychologically willing to return there.

This is not something that can or will be forced on us.

It simply awaits our willingness and recognition.

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If one is unwilling to recognize the soul of another, or the self, illness of the mind, then of the body, and eventually society WILL manifest.

In doing this,, we deny the “heaven” that IS Our Heritage.

One has only to look around to see this is true. And history is the record of that neglect and denial.

The only way that time (meaning history), in other words, Christ’s story of confusion and its consequential terror, will be brought to a halt is for humanity to stop accepting the “fear-mongering ego” and look to the divinity within themselves and one another in our true form as Christ, God’s Son.

The Atonement was established before Time began because it is Grace IE the Presence of the Father’s Love for His Son.

It will not be forced on anyone. It must be received willingly.

It is something that each of us will surrender to in our own due time because it is our truth.

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This may happen for many, only when suffering and pain leave them no other choice. That is “OKAY “ because the pain, suffering, and sting of all things terrible loses its grip in the presence of truth.

It is not beyond my imagination to consider that it would take many lifetimes for the human soul to be willing to turn and look within itself to see who and what they indeed are.

The ego will lead them on a “wild goose chase,” but eventually, each one will come to know and accept who they are as part of the Son of God.

You have assistance in the Holy Spirit or Inner Voice within you.

The Holy Spirit will be able to serve humanity greater, in my opinion, once they get over the “illusion” and belief in death as this will free us of many fears.

Primarily, the idea that “with the shedding of the body life ends”. When in reality the very witness of the body is that one has denied their own existence, indeed their own “life” which can only be in God because only God IS. THIS is why Jesus teaches we must be “born again”.

I believe that our “truth” is closer to spirit, and truth be told, I do not believe that spirit is our true “essence” for lack of a better word.

Because “we” have the same “form” as God “whatever that may be” and since it was the fearful-mind manifested ego that brought this world and the spirit world into being our true form may be something completely unrecognizable to the human mind at this time.

(Jesus tends to the preexistence and the afterlife. While it is a higher manifestation of our consciousness than we have on earth, it is still not in the full presence of God. Jesus is the only one of us who remembers that existence. This is why we follow him. No one returns to God without the whole body of Christ.)

Remember, as Christ’s creation began, the Father’s presence was dis-acknowledged in the belief of separation from God so what we are experiencing as love is still far less than what Father and we truly are.

We do not have to worry about this transition for many generations, from what I understand, and when we do step into our true form we will have been prepared for it and will be assisted by God, Himself.


This having been said, it is important to acknowledge those who exist primarily in “spirit form” because they are a significant part of the “human” consciousness part of Christ. They can assist us and desire to do so, but we must be ready to receive their input.

We are One Entity, and there is nothing that divides us, while embodied or without our bodies, except our own imaginations.

Children come into the world still remembering what occurred before this life. We soon “throw it away” because our societies are intolerant of accepting a truth that cannot be seen or proven with some scientific test.

What is so confusing to me about that statement is that a “scientific” test can be manipulated by the “belief” and “belief itself” is something that we cannot see.

That is not to say that we should be hard on ourselves.

It is just that we are putting so much effort into things that would be “understood’ if we would allow a place for our “divine spirituality” to be recognized within the framework of our consciousness, individually and collectively.

What I am being prompted to share here is that not only is the Holy Spirit waiting for us to acknowledge Him and help us assist in the work that Jesus leads of restoring Christ to His awareness of His origin but that unitedly all consciousness desires to create in a “collective” fashion. This is the way that the Father organized His Son’s existence/foundation/course.

Only our confused mind(s) believe(s) that anything else is possible. One part of Christ creates something over here and another part of Christ creating something over there. Much less, multiplying that by gazillions of supposedly individual components that make up Christ such as, oh, galaxies or individual life forms on this planet, or another.

The Holy Spirit must work with the “individual” at the moment because it is inside the mind of the individual that yielding to the Atonement and acknowledgment of itself as part of the Sonship of Christ will occur.

Christ, however, as a Whole, was meant to function as ONE entity or unit in its true status in God. This is why our “will” is ultimately the same as God’s.

It is not the “slavation” that Bill Thetford wrote from his inner self in the notes of A Course In Miracles. Acknowledging God’s will as our own is our salvation because it is who we truly are. And God wanted a Son to experience creation and creativity so boring is not a concept I would put with being in God’s presence either.

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Repeated here was the acknowledgment that the Atonement is the foundation of a new paradigm of cooperative cohabitation of the planet Earth. Not to be thrust upon anyone but to be met with the desire of a willing and grateful bride.

The Atonement establishes equality among all humanity.

The Atonement acknowledges a Creator that gives sanction to the creativity of His Creations.

Before we can function as a “united Christ” we must be willing to function as “individual parts of Christ” in the undoing of the belief in the possibility of separation from God.

We will not be alone in this. We will be guided and have many assistants.

In fact, within the Atonement we have a witness of our “completeness”; our connection with one another and in God. Many of us are closer to this than we realize.

The Atonement acknowledges our union as the full embodiment of the Son of God with all creation in all of its various forms, dimensions, and experiences.

Only this paradigm will allow all humanity to bless itself, the earth, and “all that is” freely, completely, abundantly, and most importantly, compassionately.

This reminds me of faith, hope, and charity—the greatest of these being charity, which has generally been accepted as the pure love of Christ.

I would extend its meaning to encompass “equality” with the understanding that ALL are worthy of the blessings that the Father would bestow upon His Son.

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You are not separate from, say, Jesus or Mohammed or Confucius. Or from ANYONE else. And, if you bash them, you bash yourself. If you lift others, you lift yourselves. When you give, you receive.

Letting go of the idea of death will do a lot to help humanity accept this truth.

One cannot live in a state of fear that death brings about and expect to find joy. Primarily because you are in a lose/lose situation.

Truth is, you are an eternal being, and you will have lasting relationships that will ebb and flow and be many, many things, and it will ALL bring you JOY from within the Atonement.

Nothing can separate us from that which brings us joy, except our desire to feel unworthy or somehow lacking, and both are an impossibility because you are a divine creation and your creator establishes your worth.

This has nothing to do with “religion” and everything to do with what you are, who created you, and the freedom that comes with that reality.

Everything is really happening now. All lives, stories, deeds, everything encompassing His Story (history) is happening now and any action releasing the impact of His Story, IE Forgiveness, affects the past and how it is viewed and the future as well.

The decision capacity however lies “squarely” in the NOW.

If you stop to think about it, this is not as far-fetched and outlandish as it sounds.

When “true forgiveness” has been applied, everything receives a quick coat of “whitewash,” meaning that its intensity and impact have been all but removed.

“True forgiveness,” of course, means that we recognize that there is no way that God would have allowed His Son to endure any part of the trauma, terror, sadness, or disappointment that this world is made up of.

God is all things good! You do not have to suffer to “know” freedom from suffering. Knowledge has no requirements or prerequisites. You know because that is what God is, and you are of Him.

Our final reflection is on Depression.

The three temptations that face humanity (Addiction, Depression, and Power-Hunger) are given to us in the story of the temptations of Jesus Christ in the Bible (Matthew 4) as I share in my fictional NDE story published in 2019.

Depression is when we do not believe God has our backs. “I thou be the So of God, cast thyself down: for it is written , He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash they foot against a stone.” To which Jesus answered, “it is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord, thy God.”

The antagonist was trying to get Jesus to “prove” he was taken care of by God, thus displaying doubt in that truth by the act of “proving” it.

Note also the “It is written”, I tell you that there is power in written testimony.

What is depression if not the belief that one has been abandoned and is without resources and assistance?

Only God IS. It would be an impossibility for Him to abandon that which is a part of Himself which the Son is.

Pretty cool, huh?

Do not think that I do not suffer from post-traumatic “separation” disorder, because I do, occasionally, though I retain the witness that the separation did not occur.

You see, I am not my emotions though I do understand they must be acknowledged and allowed to be felt so they can pass through me in this place of illusion.

I observe them and sometimes I sob, not only for the sadness I think I see, but for the idea that a Child of God could believe such a thing when Father waits to give him all that He has.

Often I will as Mother Earth to transmute them into positive energies.

The Atonement which is to be experienced Now holds all that you need to meet any situation that this world could ask you to endure.

Within it is the assurance of God’s confidence in you and in all that makeup His Son.

The Atonement aligns you with inspiration by connecting you with the Father and the rest of Christ.

These reflections have been profound for me. They are things that I must testify of that my witness of them and greater understanding may grow within me.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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