There is a Universal Plan, and you have a role in it that you volunteered for. Be the “superheroes” you signed up to be.

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Do not get hung up on what you see in your life as yourself. 

Your job, your height, hair color, economic status, family relationships, love-life, none of these things define who you are and they in no way reflect your worth.

You are not your emotions, your thoughts, or your addictions and habits.

Neither is anyone else.

That does not mean be PO’ed at the makers of the Universal Plan. It has a purpose that we do not “get,” and that is ok. It is going to work out all right. 

And guess who wins? God does! Yup!

So really, all you want to do is forgive the Original Error that made the Universal Plan necessary and knows that nothing real can be threatened.

You have a unique and vital voice to the Universal Plan and in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

I am not talking about religion here. I am speaking physics or eternal truths.

Tip: Use the demographics of your role in the Universal Plan to share your unique perspective on Truth. It may be unchanging, but that does not mean that it is not multi-faceted, and we need your perspective to see it more clearly.

Do not under-estimate your position as one who forgives the original error because no one else can do that in your place.

God will not force anything on us. Nor will He allow anything to come upon us that we have not agreed to.

OUCH! With all the innocents that face horrible circumstances, how could that be?

Because we do not come here as babies, we come as full-grown spirits who forget that part of ourselves as we learn to navigate in this world with our bodies and circumstance.

Remember that Universal Plan we agreed to? We reviewed that with others and agreed to walk through certain situations before we came as infants. 

We have guides, guardians, angels, etc., in the flesh and unseen, which help us incorporate those things that we meant to be experienced here.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: Once we accept who we are nothing will stand in the way of the blessings that God wants to pour out on us. We are created that we might have joy, and peace is our natural state of being.


One of the three temptations of humanity. 

From the Atonement position, it can bark at you, and it might even scratch the skin, but it cannot harm you because you know the truth that this existence is not real and that nothing real can be threatened. 

Depression comes from fear of lack. And how could the Son of God lack anything? That is who you are. You are on a temporary mission and do not think it is done after this life because even the spirit world is part of the illusion. 

I do not know how many lives we will need to have here or how long this will last, but I know that we can open the door to assistance from beyond the veil by acknowledging our place in the Sonship.

I cannot say that you will never sob your heart out for the confusion and challenges of this life, but I can assure you that you will find a foundation to stand on to restore your hope which is the peace and joy that comes from knowing this is not real. 

Forgiveness releases all. God alone unifies.

We have tried all kinds of ways to connect except God’s way.

There is no other way. The ATONEMENT acknowledges Christ. It is actually the SECOND COMING. In that, it acknowledges that all that is within creation is a part of Christ.

And what is Atonement? It is the undoing of the Original Error of belief in the separation from God or the belief that the Son could offend the Father. The Son could do nothing that could stop the Father’s Love, and when He is done beating himself up, He will see that. This is what we gain when we forgive.

Things that seem to have come from the Son being separated from the Love, Protection, and Abundance of the Father could not have happened. 

All this trauma is not ours to embrace. It is not our heritage. Forgiveness is how we restore our memory to who we are. 

Our thoughts are where we understand that we are ONE ENTITY in God. 

This is how we see others as ourselves. It is the only way that connection within human existence will be recognized or understood.

United we are part of THE CHRIST. (Remember the fullness of Christ is all of creation.)

PTSD is due to separation. 

Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder embodies all of the challenges and hardships that come from the belief that the Son of God could have lack or could be attacked. 

The Atonement is the only remedy for this.

Jesus would have experienced the concept of forgiveness in his life as he had to forgive Judas. 

As firstborn in spirit, he would have been the first to partake in error and the first to receive the Atonement. 

This is what gives him the right to stand as an example and leader. 

His memory of being in God’s presence is what allowed Jesus to accept the atonement first, and since we do not have the recall that he does, we must have faith in his witness of God, which comes from him and the Holy Spirit within us.

I do not believe that Jesus had fear in his walk on earth because he recalled being in the presence of God. He did not have faith as we must have, Jesus had knowledge. This is part of why it will take another (I believe a female) to be willing to “see” what we really “think we are” IN THE FACE OF FEAR and accept the witness of the Holy Spirit that declares the truth. She will forgive Jesus, as well, by allowing him to direct the energy of miracles as he sees fit.

This will close the gap created by the “fall” and the “illusion of separation” and begin the ending of time which consists of fear of reprecussion from the past and punishment in the future. Experiences will be ours but they will be delighted in and relished in the NOW, the PRESENT MOMENT.

To engage only in the NOW, in the present that we are in, is to negate the recognition of FORGIVENESS and the ACKNOWLEDGMENT of GOD, the Creator and Father of us all. Who gives the Son all that He IS so that the Father may delight in His Son.

To skip this step is to deny our very essence. No one can take who we are away from us but we can close our minds, eyes, and ears to the truth.

PTSD, Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder, comes from believing that this life has real validity in what it shows us through our apparent separateness. 

If it were possible to be separate from God, it would bring sorrow and emptiness.

 Emptiness is the correct term because it is an impossibility.

 After all, only God IS, and God IS in all. 

The Atonement is our primary responsibility here.

This includes knowing God IS and encompasses ALL THAT IS, which means we are ONE within God.

As well as forgiving the original error of belief that separation from God is possible along with all the consequences that have come from that belief.

In other words, we need to believe our hearts and the Holy Spirit’s witness and not our eyes and ears that give us our current view of the world.

We want to see the world as the Holy Spirit does.

Use your “costume in the illusion” to bear witness of the Atonement by whatever means are available to you.

You are always a teacher. Your witness shows the way for others. 

You are in the exact place that you need to be to do your part in the Universal Plan and the healing of the world.

Compassion needs to be the lens through which we see.

Once we have the “sight” of the Atonement for ourselves we can hold that for others and bear witness of their value and worthiness in God and a part of the Sonship. 

I study NDE’s and it occurred to me the other day that they come back with a witness that we are not judged by anyone other than ourselves. And I would agree to this concept.

What can happen though, is that we lose our compassion for others. It may justify any amount of wrong doing, adultery, even murder or rape. Not to mention more “justifyable” indescretions. 

It is really important in the walk of the spiritual person to see the “big picture” and not just an individual part of the truth. 

It is too easy for a single part to warp itself and hide the full embodiment of our relationship to God, ourselves, and to one another.

Allowing the Holy Ghost to take care of the future by releasing your hold on fear allows Him to clean up the attachment and trauma in the past.

This is the way to escape the PTSD that the ego attempts to put upon the world.

The “true forgiveness” you bring to this moment allows the past to be healed and altered in a way that serves all of us.

YOU make a difference and NO ONE ELSE can take your place.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now!

*I use six decades of living with a curious mind, three decades as an adult in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, knowing Jesus since I was four, and my current study of ACIM Urtext to bear my testimony this day. 

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