Please bring the Spirit for translation.

Photo by cottonbro on I wonder, was his first incarnation a feminine entity? After all, Jesus did birth the Universal Plan.

Jesus was the first consciousness of this fake world. That means he got the full benefit of the Law of Attraction FIRST.

And yes, that is how this world works, by Law of Attraction.

However, everyone here has at some point accepted the Universal Plan which leads to the Atonement that Jesus manifested with the Father/Creator, while under the influence of belief in the Error of Separation.

Everyone. Even the angels, aliens, multidimensional beings and anything else, because this/they are still all part of the oneness that is Christ.

That is is all that there is, you know.

Christ. Well, Christ and God, the Father.

Holy Spirit is that “appendage” which unites the two while in this hallucination/dream state.

Jesus, being the one who remembers the most what it was like to be in the presence of Father, in fact, he is the only one who had consciousness in that sphere/place/space/reality.

The rest of us gained consciousness after the Error of Separation had begun.

In Jesus, the Father corrected the mistake, and since that “time” Jesus has been trying, without much success, in my opinion, to get us to understand the Error and its consequences.

The ego which has divided itself into numbers, seemingly without end, creatively expressing unending examples of consequences of Separation.

These are only in the imagination of Christ and can be healed only through the Atonement.

Why has Jesus not succeeded in his attempt to redeem humanity? Because he had to “grow into” the atonement himself. He had to go through the various steps of manipulation, coercion, offering rewards, and all other variables, till he understood the atonement itself was something he could not give away, nor could he force it in any way on his brothers and sisters in the divided mind of Christ. He is the god of all philosophies and religions attempting to reach the Souls of his brethren.

Sisters came after the construct of the Error of Separation began as a way to extend the ego falsehood of existence without God.

That does not mean they are evil any more than Christ is. That is an impossibility. But the ego and the Universal Plan does see things in black and white/ right and wrong. And remember, Jesus was the Architect of the Universal Plan.

I am not proposing Christianity, as it has been understood, at all.

I am suggesting that this is what Jesus meant through his various attempts to reach out to the part of Christ Consciousness that accepted the Separation.

From my studies I do not believe that all parts therein accepted the Separation. I think there was a limited number of us who did.

In the Urtext of A Course In Miracles, Jesus states that angels could not correct the situation, nor could those who did not succumb to the Error of Separation.

It is only by the witness of the satiation of suffering that humanity has a chance to accept the atonement and by its own choice receive its rightful inheritance.

Jesus says it only takes one to start the ball rolling.

Will it be you?

I am hoping with all I am that it is me. It would give purpose to the suffering that I witness while feeling my hands are tied behind my back.

There is a sense of having lived enough lifetimes to walk into this story I have been given. With assistance at every turn, being awake enough to sense the pain and suffering, without being fatally (physically or psychologically) overcome.

Looking, with an eye single to the glory of God, while believing that I was important enough to Him that He allowed Jesus to accompany me and hold my hand along the way. This has been my journey and I will to walk it as He guides. (I did not miswrite that comment. Jesus speaks of will as something more intricate and a part of us than choice.)

Each of those components would be required to be able to face what Christ has conjured in His delirium. Why? Because the futility of it, with full awareness, allows the mind to consider the impossible idea that his just could not be real.

Each one of us need not face that test. It is possible for us to have faith in another’s testimony and still receive the witness of the Atonement for ourselves.

I have accepted that challenge from Jesus example. I invite you to do likewise. Those with the courage to do so, assist all others they have come across in their lifetimes.

This brings me to the second point. That Self-Acceptance is required to accept the Atonement that will bring about the conclusion of the Universal Plan and put us into a creative reality, instead of solely a healing one.

Photo by fauxels on

Jesus has mastered this and accepted the Atonement whereby heaven is united with the hallucinatory state of Christ. However, because he is not the only part of Christ that accepted the Error of Separation, he can only manifest his part of the healing and be an example to the rest of us.

Each of us needs to do this for ourselves.

Letting go of guilt is a key part to that.

We can exchange time for eternity by releasing guilt. And the joy that results lifts the Whole of Christ Consciousness.

“Guilt feelings are the PRESERVERS of time. They induce fears of FUTURE retaliation or abandonment, and thus ensure that the future will remain like the past. This IS the ego’s continuity, and gives it a false sense of security through the belief that you cannot escape from it. But you can and you MUST. God offers you the continuity of eternity in exchange. When you will to make this exchange, you will simultaneously exchange guilt for peace, viciousness for love, and pain for joy.” Words from Jesus, page 136 Urtext A Course In Miracles.

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It is not as simple as releasing the guilt of the ego. One must step into our true identity as Christ, as did Jesus, by recognizing the ego’s errors are Christ’s Story and not ours.

Was that confusing!??? I expected so.

I received this witness upon awakening a few days ago:

“To escape the illusion we must become Christ so we may forgive ourselves as we truly are. It is His Story and it needs to be forgiven, NOT from our perspective in the ego or our current identity, but from Christ’s perspective and identity. We must forgive Christ as Christ for the healing to be secure. This is what Jesus has been able to do and invites us to join him.”

Also, forgiving Jesus is key as he is the architect of this world and the one who gives us our roles in it.

We each have believed in a “false” reality.

Only the Atonement allows us to give it up fully.

It is available, NOW.

It is what makes NOW, possible.

Beyond the veil or here in the flesh, we have the ability to “see” the Son of God and the perfect relationship that He has with the Father.

Let us do our part, one at a time, rejoicing in the Whole that we are.

From this place let us mingle/merge with God via All That IS.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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