Reflections October 5-11, 2020 Our Addiction to Trauma Requires Compassion

Bring the Spirit for translation please.

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There is no PTSD in the fullness of Atonement, yet, WHILE HERE in the midst of accepting the Atonement one by one, WE WILL EACH have a form of PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is the stress? Belief in Separation and its Consequences. We are all subject to this or we would not be here.

The fullness of Atonement will be when each and every individual cell in the body of Christ knows it is not separated from God or the rest of the body.

That will require some time.

In the meantime, we will have various degrees of PTSD because one part of the body of Christ being “out of sync” affects the whole in some way or another.

In other words, do not freak out about it or consider yourself unwell.

It will eventually pass when we all/each accept who we truly are.

Till then we have many tools and entities on this side of the veil and the other to assist us.

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In the Atonement we focus on ourselves and our inner voice/Holy Spirit. At the same time we are distinctly aware of others, especially of suffering.

Some call this being an Empath. Having a sense of others difficulties or other feelings.

This is to be understood because the Other, is a part of me/Christ/the Whole as well.

I do not want to seek to be of service or interact on any other level.

When I do I am nothing but bait for someone else’s inflamed ego and used as something to project their anger on or their belief that they are being attacked.

I cannot alter their interpretation, but I can alter my participation in it and give them space to express their frustrations while keeping my distance and respecting myself.

Could it be that this is what the manifestation of Covid19 is all about on a spiritual level?

Could it not be our linked subconscious, or maybe our superconscious, that is demanding that a healthy relationship be nurtured in the psyche of humanity?

This is one thing that the Error of Separation did to the psyche of Christ.

There is a common idea lately that we can just leave others; bear in mind, that they still are a part of us and resolution needs to be sought within our own psyche, even if prompted to keep a distance.

The assumed separation appears to give all kinds of reasons to say that we are different.

But it dies not stop there!

The inflamed ego also devises all kinds of ways to label each other and with that comes judgment.

This judgment does not just go one way. It comes back on me as well.

This is how we “damn” ourselves. Is it not how we manifest karma?

Judgment is how we stop ourselves from remembering our Oneness with the Creator and with each other, and how we stop our creativity which is our natural state of being.

Freedom, if it is to be had by one, must be for all. And it comes by seeing our Oneness, not our Separation.

Differences are to be celebrated not demeaned.

And we each have enough basic common needs to see each other compassionately and as equals.

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Atonement makes PTSD understandable and bearable; it even allows us to have reason to give thanks for it.

That is because it reminds us of our union with others, if we allow it to.

And it invites us to be compassionate and aware of one another and the need to support the freedom and basic rights of all sentient life forms.

sentient[ˈsen(t)SH(ē)ənt]ADJECTIVE able to perceive or feel things.

Yes, ALL sentient life forms.

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This is such an appropriate topic for todays social climate around the world.

In 2020 we have had the opportunity to look at ourselves and consider who and what we really are and what we value.

I hope that we are able to recognize some of the things that we may be addicted to that are harmful.

Things like drama and attacking others, not to mention ourselves.

Do we value life and support it for all?

Or do we complain about others because “We do not feel worthy of existence so why should they be allowed to be happy or productive!!!”?

Do we self-sabotage ourselves, our families, communities, nations, or even the world, because we feel unworthy of Divine Assistance?

It is time for reflection and it is time for change, if needed.

We all have ways that we can improve.

To Summarize:

PTSD should not be feared but embraced.

It is that which reminds us in our physical state that we are united and one.

And, that we want to acknowledge that.

The longing for unity and for connection and for being heard is an appropriate response to the Error of Separation.

Let us rejoice in it while it lasts and embrace ourselves compassionately and do our best to see that we are safe and cared for.

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From that place, we can extend the prayers, energy, and activity that will lift the Whole of Creation.

We want to recognize our tendencies in the inflamed ego for addiction and how that feeds the need to silence our inner voice that tells us we are okay.

Please, hear that one more time and place it in your heart if it fits.

We want to recognize our tendencies in the inflamed ego for addiction and how that feeds the need to silence our inner voice that tells us we are okay.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now. ❤

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