Urtext of A Course In Miracles Page 52 Please bring the Spirit for translation.

Human beings can learn to improve their behavior, and can also learn to become better and better learners.

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The learning that we are seeking to uncover is the witness of our divinity as the Christ.

This increase serves (HS notes that this was written “served”) to bring them in closer and closer accord with the Sonship.

It has already been done. We are just waking up to that reality. We may stay in the rotation of suffering and death as long as we want to but it is not our truth.

But the Sonship itself is a perfect creation, and perfection is not a matter of degree.

We are Whole and perfect. What we are caught in is only a psychological construct.

Only while there are different degrees is learning meaningful.

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I suspect “different degrees” might be looked at as costumes or false ego images that we have given our psyche.

The evolution of man is merely a process by which he proceeds from one degree to the next. He corrects his previous missteps by stepping forward.

The concept of regressing into a “New State”. Which to us is not possible.

This represents a process which is actually incomprehensible in temporal terms, because he RETURNS as he progresses. (Originally, was “goes forward”, rather than “progresses”), the Atonement is the device by which he can free himself from the past as he goes ahead.

Why are people not willing to see that this is a viable option to the torment we find ourselves in at the moment!

Does the construct of linear time have that much of a hold on us?

He is speaking of the Atonement in this next statement.

It UNDOES his past errors, thus making it unnecessary for him to keep retracing his steps without advancing toward his return.

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The Atonement undoes our past errors because it has forgiven all that is not real.

In this sense, the Atonement saves time, but like the miracle which serves it, does not abolish it.

As long as there is need for Atonement, there is need for time.

But the Atonement, as a completed plan, does have a unique relationship to time.

Until the Atonement is finished, its various phases will proceed IN time, but the whole Atonement stands at its end.

Its various phases would refer to the individual psyches waking to the will of God within them.

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At this point, the bridge of the return has been built.

We are able to stand in the witness of the Atonement and in our union and unity as a whole before our creator.

And this is available to us NOW.

(Note to HS. The reason this is upsetting to you is because the Atonement is a TOTAL commitment. You still think this is associated with loss.

This is the same mistake ALL the Separated ones make, in one way or another.

Each of us identified the Atonement as a loss of our place in what we call life.

Maybe this is why I chose to accept the assignment that I did. The one that would find me disconnected from all that I held dear. It may have, at times, seemed like other’s choices brought this about but I consider them helpers in my quest.

It is becoming clearer to me that it was really my choice to know the truth of what is real before God above all else that gave me the life I have led.

I could have chosen easy-way-outs many times, but I held to a course that has led me here and I am grateful.

I feel peace and joy and a connection with all that is, ever was, and ever will be.

They cannot believe that a defense which CANNOT attack also IS the best defense.

Except for this misperception, the angels COULD have helped them.

What do you think “the meek shall inherit the earth” means?

They will literally take it over because of their strength. A two-way defense is inherently weak, precisely BECAUSE it has two edges it can turn against the self very unexpectedly.

This tendency CANNOT be controlled EXCEPT by miracles.)

The miracle turns the defense of Atonement to the protection of the inner self, which, as it becomes more and more secure; assumes its natural talent of protecting others.

In the Atonement, there is no such thing as jealousy and not enough love to go around.

In the world of the ego that can be prominent and is seen as people manipulate their spouses, children, or parents to keep their affections from others in the family, community, or even nation or world.

These are behaviors of the inflamed ego that feels threatened and unsure of its place in the heart of the Creator.

As the MIRACLE PROTECTS the INNER SELF by recognizing the Atonement, the inflamed ego is calmed and the inner self grows and resonates with the tendrils that identify its connection to all others and all that is. Which in turn manifests its connection to the Creator.

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The inner self knows itself as both a brother AND a son.

This is because the inner self knows itself as Christ, the Son of God.

(Seth spoke of this through Jane Roberts when he referred to us all in the male pronoun. Jesus does the same in the Course In Miracles.)

(The above notes were taken with great difficulty by HS, and constitute the only series this far that were written very slowly. When HS asked about this, she was told, “don’t worry about the notes. They are right, but YOU are not sufficiently Right-Minded yet to write about the Atonement with comfort. You will write about it yet with joy.)

Helen was developing a relationship with the personality of Jesus. She was gaining a confidence and trust in him.

Her inner self recognized him and accepted him as a companion to help with the work that she and Bill had undertaken.

But she still held on to the precepts that were based in fear and she would need to go through this process and come out the other side with confidence in what Jesus would share. And trust that he would respect boundaries.

*Next time it gets a bit personal on how she processed this and how Jesus helped her through it.

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