Please bring the Spirit for translation.

I share the maximum of what my witness is at the moment.

Bear in mind that the witness of a seeker may simply be the definition of the way to insanity because one has to step out into a path as yet uncharted.

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The belief in separation from God was/is the first error of His Son.

This led to all sorts of confusion, and judgments, because there was no floor to stand on.

No foundation to move forward in.

This is what brought about time, as well.

Because judgments have no place in God, and that which is of Him.

How can purity be anything but pure and how can that, which encompasses all, create anything that is not of itself?

Judgment came from the hero of my story.

In essence, the self or at least the first self to identify as Christ.

This first one who thought he had separated from God.

It was just an error. He meant no harm.

His witness of being a “he” was not even something that he considered for eons of “time”.

He would fix it though. He would bring them to God, back to the Whole of what they were; for he remembered.

Was it his fault that they confused him with God?

Or that he let that be, in the hopes that it would help in his cause to restore … what he thought he had broken?

Forgiveness of this original error allows that all else is forgivable because anything brought about by the error is an impossibility.

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It would be a long time before he could tell them to “just be in your witness of the atonement and the whole of Creation is influenced”.

Because he would have to learn that he was able to be in his joy (and receive the ATONEMENT) “line upon line” just like all the other parts of the Sonship.

It demands that a choice be made. In a place where time and space are not real how can we understand when that took place for him? But we can make that choice in our here and now.

A choice to grab a hold of anything that is positive and cling to it, rejoice in it.

The sun, the breeze, the smell of a coming rain.

If you want to lift the vibration of humanity then lift your thoughts to what a joy it is to experience life.

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There will be no force imposed on you to regain your witness of who you are. But once you know, once you embrace your place in the heart of the Creator that you have never left, nothing can be withheld from you.

This is true of any desire you may have. The Father wants to bless His Son. Remember though that time is flexible and unreal and should not be the compass you are guided by. In other words let your desires be known and then let go of how they be manifested.

How many of us truly desire freedom and abundance for all, for instance?

I know we all SAY we want it, but do we want it really?

As long as we get our share, that is adequate, right!?!

And the older we get the more ways to justify how others deserve what they get or devise ways to camouflage the fact that we are glad it is them and not us.

And what better way to preserve ourselves than to give the enemy someone else to torture? A “sacrifice to the gods” so to speak.

Sort of defies our truth as One Entity, doesn’t it?

Those who would keep others under their rule often do so with kindnesses that are calculated to keep the victim content, just enough to make them believe that what is happening to them is either acceptable or justified.

If God says no force will be utilized then it stands to reason that this is exactly what the “inflamed” ego or what denies God will do. Attempting to prove that God is false.

See what I can do? Who will know? Addiction to power is one of the cruelest of addictions because it numbs the conscience and empathy is silenced.

In the witness of the atonement, there is peace, solidarity, and joy.

As well as freedom, clarity, and empowerment.

But you will face the monsters of the illusion as you enter there; please, see them for the illusions that they are.

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From the place of God’s heart, you will not be able to see anyone else in any other light. They will be God’s child, the Creator’s Creation.

They will be one with you. And only because you have accepted your personal worthiness and place as the Son will you be able to see their value and worthiness as well.

As such you will be “one with them” whether they are in your presence or not. This goes for our loved ones who have departed in death, as well as, those who consider us enemies at this time or that we must distance ourselves from so that we have safe boundaries.

This does not mean that you will not see their “inflamed” ego or the ‘very real affects’ they have on themselves and others “within time and space”.


Remember the original Error of Separation and the absolute forgiveness it allows for all offenses, past, present, and future.

Acknowledging the Joy of Existence in the Moment will lift you and all of Creation.

Force is not a truth, it is an “inflamed” ego construct that believes it is possible to control or manipulate another, even to “possess” them or their “possessions”.

From the place of the Atonement, you will see all as a Whole, Complete, and in the Creator’s care, even while seeing the affects of the illusion created by the “inflamed” ego that torment and suffering are the just desserts of those “who dare to Leave the Creator”.

The Spirit holds you there and in the atonement you may find joy no matter what is going on, how much of an empath you are, or how connected you feel to All of Creation and the suffering it envisions it is enduring.

I know that sounds like a lot of malarkey, especially if you are currently are in any kind of acute pain, but that does not make it false.

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Can there really any doubt where hell is?

The world will be healed as time closes in on itself and we are restored to our truth.

No, it will not happen overnight, but it can happen in the twinkling of an eye internally, at least for a moment, if you will allow it to be so.

And that can give you something to hang on to. I know it does for me.

May the time of suffering be shortened for the Son of God, is my prayer. In Jesus name and for Christ’s sake, amen.

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