Reflections for All Consciousness 24-30 August 2020 No Wish To Add To The Confusion

Please bring the Spirit for translation.

I have found it difficult to publish this message.

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I feel the hostility of those in manifestation and do not wish to add to the trauma and confusion.

I ask Jesus to unite this message with those who are willing to hear it and to bless those who still struggle with their addiction to the false world that we have created.

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Having joy alters the entire consciousness forward and back.

Standing in forgiveness may be the same.

I give thanks each time I wake up that I may consciously choose to forgive the confusion and separation we believe we have before us.

No force will be used by the Divine to have you accept your place in the heart of God/Creator/Universe.

You are welcome to stay in suffering as long as you desire.

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Assisting others will be the obvious desire of one who stands in the Atonement.

One will recognize that to have healthy boundaries and faith in all that is, despite evidence that says otherwise will be the top priority, because it is that light that will add to the flame of another and encourage them to stand in that truth as well.

To stand by and let hell rage can be challenging but it is doable when you know it is all an illusion.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder exists for everything in the illusion and does not have any truth in the Atonement.

How can there be anything but trauma for those who do not accept their own identity?

Compassion for yourself and one another will flow through the hearts of those who acknowledge the Divinity as their truth.

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We are being guided.

We are being held.

We are being loved.

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