If we do not see the original error, we will think we are detaching from something that is real.

Page 50 in Urtext of ACIM The text is bold. Find a free copy of the PDF here.

Photo by Swapnil Sharma on Pexels.com Our ego’s see letting go of error, as clouds releasing the rain which is an error because it is just changing form.

Error is not our reality.

Dissociation is quite similar.

Similar to “Denial should be directed only to error, and projection should be limited to truth.”

We want to use dissociation toward error.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com Split in defense of integration; becoming whole once more, ending our delusion of separation.

You should split yourself off from error, but only in defense of integration.

Not in the judgment of the person engaged in the error as less than you or greater than, but in allowance of their freedom to choose the presentation of the error of separation, if they so desire.

Think of the child who loves the parent, be they whatever they are, we want to forgive them in our heart of hearts. There is nothing wrong with this emotion. Let it guide you into the correct use of dissociation.

Detachment is essentially a weaker form of dissociation.

I suspect that this is where a lot of New Age thinkers, spiritualists, and many eastern religions follow this directive of detachment.

Even the concept that ACIM instructors teach about changing how we look at something or asking the Spirit to “help us see it with different eyes” is along with the same context.

They are missing the Whole Picture and simple message that Jesus is trying to share, by complicating it, which is so typical of the ego.

Before you can detach properly, you must recognize that it was an impossibility in the first place.

Only the atonement brings this realization.

This is one of the major areas of withholding that both you and B. are engaging in.

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com Flight from error is perfectly appropriate.

Flight can be undertaken in whatever direction you choose, but note that the concept itself implies flight FROM something. Flight from error is perfectly appropriate.

I love that he allows this. “Flight from error is perfectly appropriate.”

There you have it, permission from Jesus to leave the error.

Jesus is often attached to an energy of judgment or guilt and that is so far from what he wants to share with us.

Distantiation is a way of putting distance between yourself and what you SHOULD
fly from.

This is what I refer to as “healthy boundaries”.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com Regression, as defined by Jesus, is just the opposite of what we think of as growth.

Regression is a real effort to return to your own original state.

Do you see how Jesus is taking familiar terms and giving them healthy definitions that align with truth?

Our original state is a state of freedom, solidarity, and creativity.

The ego sees it as a place of non-existence, but this is not what it is. This is where faith, step by step, must be utilized (used or put into practice).

In this sense, it is utilized to RESTORE, not to go back to the less mature.

To restore is what Jesus is seeking.

To restore us to our awareness that our creator has given us our sovereignty and we do not need to stand in fear.

Over and over, the patience and perseverance of Jesus astounds me. He has been so misused and misunderstood over the ages.

Not that he, too, has not needed to grow and learn “line upon line”.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com It is perfectly fine to “smell the flowers” along the way in this place of illusion and error. No kindness goes unnoticed.

I am grateful for his witness and testimony.

And I gladly accept the atonement, inasmuch as I understand it.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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