We are allowing others to create fear and mob thinking.

Please consider the atonement.

It is a non-attacking defense.

It acknowledges we are one and affect one another and forgives that insanity of separation.

Each person may partake in it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.co

I sustain our President and am grateful for his efforts on our behalf.

Make no mistake there are those on the other side of this physical world that assist us and are helping to move us into a better place, but they cannot do it alone or without our asking for assistance, if only by “willing” it to be so.

This is not a bluff, people. this is the world and its future we are looking at.

We can be lifted into a heavenly state or dropped, once again, into a hellish state.

The choice is ours.

We have the Power!
It Is As Close As Your Will For It To Be So

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