Reflections for 20-26 July 2020 Your Value Is Unquestionable

Please invite the Spirit for interpretation.

We would do well to remember that time is a non-reality, meant to allow Creation to correct its course and accept its existence.

Within time there is the appearance of the ability to suffer.

Tears will be shed and bruises will occur.

But remember that they are the makings of the particles of dust of which this world is made and they will be swept away.

So laugh when you can, giggle at the ridiculous, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Every consciousness and life has significance.

Yours too!

Yep, the guy at the office who is so irritating.

Or the patronizing bimbo at the local market.

Give thanks, no matter how consciousness presents itself, or whatever emotions it triggers.

Can I get an AMEN!

Remember that to accept the Atonement is your primary purpose.

That is the reason that you have a body.

To be a witness of the reality of the Son and the Father and the love and need that they have one for another.

Choose to believe in a God/Universe that cares about you and desires to see you happy and content.

Forgive all that presents itself in any other form as unreal.

No matter how “real” it appears to be.

You can feel like a mack truck hit you or that there is a mountain on top of you and still know that God IS.

And you will never stand alone in that witness.

Jesus has declared it to be so and it is faith in his witness, indeed the memory of our unity and our place in God, the Father, that gives us a basis for our faith.


Depression is one of the key temptations to humanity.

Because we are cognizant of and witness time and space, we can be led to believe that this is our reality.

Meditation in all its forms, and mindfulness or being in the present moment can help us to be the observer and not so much the participant.

Page 94 of the Urtext of ACIM states “You are not really capable of being tired, but you are very capable of wearying yourselves.”

I wonder if depression in its varying degrees and lengths is not akin to this concept of weariness.

I know for me, especially as an empath, I can feel the trauma of the world at times or at least huge portions of it and it can feel overwhelming, but that witness of the Atonement within me, despite what presents itself in a day buoys me up. It has not helped me accomplish my overcoming emotional eating, as yet, but I am hopeful. lol


Time is just a tool for humanity to use to overcome self-recrimination, ridicule, and judgment.

Every consciousness and life has value individually and in the Whole.

God and the Atonement are to be your focus and Northern Star.

Depression: Do Not Own It If it comes, observe, and let it pass.

Disclaimer: I am not discounting clinical depression or giving any kind of diagnosis. These comments are “food for thought” on the over-all human condition.

Be well, be blessed, till next time, bye for now.

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