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What We Call Life Is Just A Story Within A Story

Debra (Debi) Yvonne SimmonsJul 25 · 4 min read

And Jesus is writing the plot.

We each have our assignments.

We agreed to these prior to coming here in this “fleshy” world.

The story has a purpose and its goal is to set the writer free.

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I really do question whether you and I are really caught up in this or if we are the consciousnesses that can free the ONE who got Separated.

I know my thoughts are outlandish and everything screams that the opposite is true.

But “what if”? “What if?”

What if we are sent with the assignment to uncover the truth and set our brother free.

To let him know that he did not create this world and that all the horrors and abominations that have seemed to have taken place here have really not?

I think it is a possibility.

You know why?

Because at sixty-four years of age, after a lifetime of watching and looking to see if ANYONE really knew what is going on here, I am still at a loss to find ANYONE.

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I have been watching the Riverdale series on Netflix and it creates a fascinating analogy to what I am considering.

What if the first (and maybe only) to leave the presence of God, in their thoughts alone for no other reality is possible, found himself floundering in a hellish nightmare that had the appearance of never-ending.

What if, like any true son and adventurer he sought to make himself the hero that would redeem and restore what he had only thought he had “broken”?

What if our truth is not to condemn ourselves and one another, but to redeem the one who believes he has removed himself from the grace and protection of the Father?

It’s like……..back up, back up, way back, now, back up again, and see if you cannot see this as a viable possibility.

That an all-powerful God would desire a Son to whom He could bestow all power and glory, like unto Himself.

And what if one teeny-tiny portion of His Creation thought it had separated?

Would Father not allow a world or even galaxies without number to be manifest, and time given, for the one to understand that separation is not possible?

Tell me, would your “life”, your “existence”, not be valued and important and have a purpose, no matter the “hellish” circumstance you may have to “role-play”, if you were allowed to enter into this brother’s world, and show him that no ill had truly been done because he is one and wholly with the Father as are all else that is One in Creation?!!

It at least has the makings of an incredible sci-fi thriller, anyway, don’t you think?

Would this not explain the dilemma of the matrix?

And why we are asked to supposedly give up the life of the ego that we think ourselves to be, so that we can bear witness of the whole, complete, perfect, expression of God that we are. By forgiving all that is not “that”.

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Perhaps it is not the one that will save the many but the many that will redeem the one.

And this through remembering the Whole and forgiving the one who thought there could be an error in the first place.

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Do we have the courage to “see” what may be right in front of us?

And set our children free to be the divinity they truly are?

Just thinking….hmm…

Perhaps we, as one whole, agreed to play out this “play” and we have the keys to bring the curtain down and rejoice in the Creator and His Creation and their shared glory and existence.

Just thinking.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.


Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

To exit “The Matrix”, we have to let go of the story of our lives, and history. “See” their impossibility, and acknowledge At-One-Meant. The Atonement Is NOW.

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