Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments *.

You have asked YOURSELVES why you cannot really incorporate my words

Jesus, Helen, and Bill have been discussing the proper use of denial, which is to deny error by bringing it into the light.

And the “peace that passes all understanding”, which is realizing that anything that is a part of the darkness or error has no influence on you.

(the idea of cannibalism in connection with the Sacrament is a reflection of a distorted view of sharing. I told you before that the word “thirst” in connection with the Spirit was used
in the Bible because of the limited understanding of those to whom I spoke. I also told you NOT to
use it. The same holds for expressions like “feeding on.”)

A distorted view of sharing, good grief! Sorry. I have never looked at the Sacrament or Communion that way.

This is something that is really important, especially when reading the words of Jesus, though really in communication with anyone. That people are going to interpret your words from where they are at.

Symbiosis is misunderstood by the mentally ill, who use it that way.

And do not forget who the mentally ill are. It is you and I as we function in a separated context.

symbiosis: interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. Compare with antibiotics, a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

Do you sense the kind of “sense of humor” that Jesus has in this discourse?

Rather dry, even a bit sarcastic one could say.

But I also told you that you must recognize your total dependence on God, a statement which you did not like.)

Helen was an atheist by choice. No wonder she would not appreciate such an idea.

However, she believes more than she understands, as Jesus will show in a few more comments.

God and the Souls He created ARE symbiotically related.

This is a concept that humanity has a real hard time with, but does that mean that it is false?

Do note that Jesus uses the plural of Souls which is a plus in the concept that each of us will be allowed a singular identity, as well as being a part of the Whole of Christ and the Whole which is God.

They are COMPLETELY dependent on each other.

Completely dependent. That is not your typical Christian jargon, is it?

The creation of the Soul itself has already been perfectly
accomplished, but the creation BY Souls has not.

The Soul is Christ. The children that we have produced as the Christ may well be what Jesus is speaking of.

That does not mean that we will not be Whole and Complete, it just means that we are stuck in this construct of time thinking we have life when it is not exactly that way.

God created Souls so He could depend on them BECAUSE He created them perfectly.

This totally rearranges the perception I had of God when I went to church.

He gave them His peace so they would not be shaken, and would be unable to be deceived.

Whenever you are afraid, you ARE deceived.

Repeat: Whenever you are afraid, you ARE deceived.

Your mind is NOT serving your Soul.

This literally starves the Soul by denying its daily bread.

Wow. So, instead, we want to be in a state of giving thanks, while embracing the peace and joy of our heritage and relationship with God.

Remember the poem about the Holy Family which crossed your mind last night:
“Where tricks of words are never said

And mercy is as plain as bread.”

The reason why that had such a strong impact on you originally was because you
knew what it MEANT.

He is helping Helen to recognize her witness of God and his mercy.

Please note she was atheist by choice, however there was a part of her that is very aware of God and so it is with each of us. Even if it is really buried under all of the “fog” of this life.

God offers ONLY mercy. Your own words should ALWAYS reflect only mercy,
because that is what you have received, and that is what you should GIVE.


Justice is a temporary expedient, or an attempt to teach man the meaning of mercy.

Interesting, a teaching opportunity. Will it not be beautiful to see that made manifest!

Its JUDGMENTAL side rises only because man is capable of INJUSTICE if that is what his mind creates.

It is confusing how we could be capable of injustice if we are truly of God. And yet, this is where the Error of Separation comes in. Separation is responsible for all of the confusion of the Son.

You are afraid of God’s will because you have used your own will, which He created in the
likeness of His own, to miscreate.

Which He created. That is it! That is what makes our will like God’s, and that is what is made in His image. Not the body. In my opinion.

What you do NOT realize is that the mind can miscreate only when it is NOT free.

When it is not free. Humanity has such a hard time understanding what is freedom. 😥

An imprisoned mind is not free by definition.

It is possessed, or held back, by ITSELF.

Its will is therefore limited, and not free to assert itself.

This is the only true release that we seek.

The three things that crossed your mind, which was comparatively free at the time,
are perfectly relevant:

  1. It is alright to remember the past, provided you also remember that ANYTHING
    you suffer is because of YOUR OWN ERRORS.
  1. In this context, your remark that “after the burning, I swore if I ever saw him
    again, I would (not) (“Not” was written in later) recognize him. Note, by the way, that you did not put in the “not” until afterwards. That is because your inherent correction device was working properly at the moment. The result is that you are NOT DENYING ME.
  1. The story about Hinda. This was an excellent example of misperception which
    led to a totally unwarranted fear of a PERSON. (HS story refers to a very young child who fell down the stairs when HS had arms open in a welcoming gesture at bottom of stairs. For years afterwards, Hinda screamed upon seeing HS.) The mis-step which caused her fall had nothing at all to do with you, just as your own mis-steps have nothing at all to do with me.

I love the idea of an “inherent correcting device”. We do not know for certain about “the burning” or the “who” she was talking to. So we cannot speak to that, but the idea of having an inner correcting device that we might be able to activate is worth pondering.

I wonder if meditation and being in a state of communion, or openness to the Holy Spirit, helps to put this into play.

Also, the idea that she was not denying Jesus was significant. He did not say you were not denying God, but that she was not denying Jesus. Jesus’s role in each of our lives is intimate and real.

I would like to speak to this part: just as your own mis-steps have nothing at all to do with me.

It reminds me of that saying,”the devil made me do it”.

I do believe that he may be one of the voices in our heads, specifically the “conscience”. But I also think he is with us so often that like that little girl who saw Helen when she tripped and fell, we might think someone else (Jesus or an enemy, IE the devil) is responsible for our missteps. Yet he is only there extending his support.

That Jesus is so involved with this world we live in and our exchanges in it is very important, critical, and comforting to me.

He must have the reigns, if we are to escape this confusion!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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