Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

I choose to walk in the Atonement, acknowledging that God IS and that I am a part of the Creation “that Jesus taught” is the Christ.

In studying the Urtext of A Course In Miracles, I have found that there is a place in the subconscious that naturally contains the miracle that Jesus wants us to release by letting go of false perspectives about what this life is all about and let the Holy Spirit guide us, as Jesus is guided (line upon line, precept upon precept).

That miracle will extend to all Creation if it is handed over to Jesus. He knows the ones who are ready to move forward in accepting the Atonement.

Our efforts in life, shed light on the Atonement (our oneness with the Creator/God and ourselves) or they promote separation, by seeking to strangle the witness of the spirit out of an individual.

Oxygen is needed for life as we know it, just like a human being needs the room to make choices and make mistakes.

At the same time we need healthy boundaries while we are growing.

No force will be used by the Creator or those who recognize that they are a part of the Creation, but gently we will be led to understand that the Creator wills joy, peace, and plenty for Creation.

Smiles and gentle talk can hide a heart that seeks to crush its victim. It is important to live by our conscience and the Holy Spirit to be mindful of these traps.

Jesus has been a friend throughout my life and while he has allowed me to step inside traps that would take me down, like Peter walking on the water, he has always been willing to take me by the hands and give assistance when I called out to him.

Even so, like Peter, Jesus knew that I would eventually be able to exercise sufficient faith to walk on the water with him.

To achieve this level of faith I want to be willing to step into the mindset that Jesus calls the Atonement.

It is in this state of mind, I am able to be the light that Jesus spoke of, by relying on Jesus and trusting that the Creator/God will not allow me to fail, no matter what things may look like.

When engaging with the world or others in any capacity, I want to use compassion and mercy, because I understand that is what I receive from the Father/Creator.

The Atonement sets the stage for an attitude of forgiveness in all situations.

That does not mean that you do not identify offenses.

In fact, because all the facades and walls of deceit that hide the fearful ego are not needed (because you know you are valued and cared for by the Creator and All That Is), you may just find your sensitivities heightened in regards to injustice.

That is quite different than the teachings one finds in the scriptures that suggest that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is long-suffering.

Consider this, if you will, you will be able to tolerate more than the average person today, because of your backup in the Creator.

I know, more suffering doesn’t sound cool, but it is doable. I can personally testify of that.

Do you see the difference between that and the idea that you are able to overlook things and not have a need to address injustices?

It is a huge difference in interpretation.

The traditional way is freedom stifling and how it stuffs natural emotions and seems to promote a blind faith that somewhere, somehow, God is going to take care of things.

Where the other establishes your ability to be a witness for the Atonement through whatever may come your way. That, my friend, is empowering!


The Atonement is a perception of our unity and oneness as the Creation of God, the Creator.

You can stand in that witness or you can defy it by honoring the idea of Separateness.

Whichever you do, does create the way you experience the world.

Acceptance of the Atonement will not be forced, instead, its reality must be acknowledged and accepted willingly.

The Atonement Jesus offers is the key. He IS the Atonement he teaches us in the Urtext ACIM.

From the Atonement, compassion and gratitude come naturally and do not depend on outside circumstances.

We are loved by our Creator and the Creator desires to bless US.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol for the reflection.

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