That is core to our purpose.

This post originated on Medium. I hope you enjoy it.

We ARE To Forgive

That is a component of every living consciousness.

Sometimes when I wake from sleep, somewhere in that in-between place, I get a message.

This was the one I received today.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

I have written several articles I want to post.

They are deep and some are very raw and I know this.

Not wanting to put something out there until I feel the calm witness that this is really what the Holy Spirit would have me say, puts me on pause a bit.

But there is an urgency about my work.

Writing is my work and bearing witness of what I am taught in the moment is important to me.

Grammarly does not like the use of “in” the moment, but that is exactly what I mean.

I only get one chance at this moment and if there was anything that I would want to be sure and do in it, it would be to forgive.

Forgive what?

Forgive all that I believe is.

My core witness is that God IS and that only God IS.

Therefore all that counters that reality in any way is not mine to embrace.

Photo by Antoine Barrès on Unsplash

This does not mean that in the world of illusion, I do not get to be impacted by what I perceive.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

It means that I know it has no lasting impact and that I can rest in the loving embrace of my witness that God IS and All Is Well.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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