Reflection for 22-29 June 2020 The Only Cure For Humanity’s PTSD Is the Atonement.

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Did you know that everyone has PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder?

Yep, you too.

There are things that happen when we have PTSD.

We over-react. We are extreme in any variety of ways.

We act out of proportion to the circumstance that we are faced with.

How we act will be different for each individual.

We might clam up and go within, shrinking to a ball of mush.

We might not do very well in social gatherings, even when there is no perceived threat by others in attendance.

We might strike out hard, fierce, and very likely, not at the true source of our irritation.

We might binge on our favorite “chemical of choice” which can embrace any kind of addiction from chocolate to sex; even, literally beating your head against a wall.

Maybe you do it with cigarettes, cutting, beating up your spouse or kid, or kicking your dog.

And do not forget how much fun mind games can be. (Please, see the sarcasm!)

“Might as well start those kids and spouses off right. After all, who knows what the world is really like better than we do? We are doing them a favor! Giving them practice dealing with the “crap” we all know this world is made up of. Besides, we must be right if they are too dumb, to see our BS, right? And love? Ha, that’s for sissy’s.”

How about over-eating?

Binge TV, gaming, or gambling in any of its many forms?

Overdoing good deeds, shopping, or being a workaholic?

“Surely these things “hide a multitude of sins”!”

“And no one would deal with it with racial slurs!” (I hope you caught the sarcasm there!)

You might feel very sorry afterward, and not know how to stop it, in any one of these scenarios.

There is only one thing that will cure the issue.

The one thing that will give us a non-attacking defense.

The one thing that will not just send us into a “better” addictive response, which is understanding why we have PTSD and addressing it.

Do you want to know what it is?

The universal “illness” and disparity, which is the Original Error of Separation.

The first entity to be sent out from the Father and Christ as a consciousness, Jesus set up the disruption of unity and was delivered by the Father immediately through the witness of the ATONEMENT.

He has been, from that moment forward, trying to get just one other human being to understand this so that the Restoration could truly begin.

It would not be something that he could “force” on anyone for everyone is privileged to the same amount of “authority” that he does.

Even though, the “propaganda” about him has said otherwise. And he did not deny this in all his dealings with those in the flesh and even used the misinformation to his advantage to lift them to a better view of themselves.

The problem is, no one will leave this paradigm until they believe in the Creator enough to know that a world of suffering, is not what the Creator could ever have meant for His Son.

His Son is cherished because He IS, as God IS, He has nothing to prove.

As long as the Sonship believes these false ideas that put bandages on the wound, while it appears it is others that suffer and not myself, we are trapped.

The idea that “the challenge is worth it”, that you cannot have light without darkness or that they have a vengeful God who seeks to punish and toy with His beloved creation(s) separates us.

Jesus will not get through to us. We will not “see” the reason to accept his escape route.

Seek compassion and true forgiveness. This can only come with a sincere belief in a Master Creator of all that is one entity made of many individuals whose whole is greater than the self.

Once humanity understands who they truly are, or at least have faith in the possibility of what they are, nothing will be outside their reach of attainment.

Humanity will need to be willing to set down ALL perceptions that promote the idea of separation or levels.

With the way the world is at the moment, it is difficult to imagine I do not believe that Jesus wants to see this go on any longer.

I believe that even Jesus has had his fill of suffering.

I also have reason to believe that someone has finally understood his message.

How about you? Could you accept a world without struggle and strife?

Would you be content knowing that everyone has a source of natural energy?

Could you put up with health and enjoyment of life?

Or are you unwilling to give up your addiction to the challenges that life offers?

How about vengeance?

How many lives have to be “on the rack” to satisfy your idea of judgment on the Son of God?

These are questions each of us needs to ask ourselves.

I am not saying there will not be a transition time or that abuse in the form of addiction, brutality (or any form of bullying), or the self-inflicted depression does not need to be addressed.

I am saying that it must be done with compassion and recognition of the confusion brought on by the Original Error of Separation. This would bring a desire to rehabilitate and educate the confused individual(s).

Trust me, mathematically, we will be able to have plenty of diversity and opportunity as we explore the meaning of creation and do not need the suffering of others or self as a “fixated sports addiction”.

Our history (or rather His Story), should be used to heal; not to beat ourselves and each other with.

It was fabricated on the illusion of separation from both God and each other.

We each must “recreate” our past and bring it to resolution in the present, individually and collectively. The Atonement does this. It allows us to see the past from a different perspective.

We are obviously in that phase of existence, as we have seen in the first half of 2020.

It will take a change of perspective that yields to the Atonement that Jesus has been inviting us to partake in.

We will not be content fabricating our own little space without taking into account all other lives as well.

PTSD will only be addressed as we partake in the Atonement, one at a time. Once it starts, it cannot but spread like wildfire and with it, all the blessings that God has been waiting to share.

The only real question is: ARE YOU READY and Willing? All the Holy Spirit needs is the willingness to hope in the possibility that humanity can work together to bless one another.

All while giving thanks and praise to the Creator.


We want to recognize that we all are in various states of PTSD, because of the Original Error of the belief in Separation from God and one another.

Forgiveness for the Original Error and compassionate restructuring of ourselves and society, with no levels; where one has more “authority” than another. “Authority” is the ability to be the author of your personal reality, thus it is an individual thing that we are all equal in, before the Creator.

Our past should not condemn us but be used to heal the world by exposing it to the light of the Atonement and taking responsibility for ourselves in the present.

Partaking in the Atonement, and recognizing the Whole Christ which UNITED we Are, is the only way to rid humanity of the consequences of the Original Error, which manifests PTSD in all its forms.

We can do this! God did not create His Son to fail!

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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