Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments *.

Peace is an attribute in YOU. You cannot find it outside.

*We need to teach this to our children. And to the parents of our children, because it is truth.

All mental illness is some form of EXTERNAL searching.

*Yes, I still find myself in this place at times. It is a condition of living in this world of the body. And remember, Jesus did say that we are not to “sacrifice” when he was speaking of Edgar Cacey.

*I do believe that we can be in these bodies while mentally ill and still stand in the Atonement, as we stand in that INNER peace that Jesus speaks of.

Mental health is INNER peace.

*I do not think that we should fault ourselves as we feel sorrow or even fear for the things of the world. It is relying on that INNER peace that knows that we are taken care of that sets us apart and makes us a light to the world.

It enables you to remain unshaken by lack of love from without, and capable, through your own miracles of correcting the external conditions, which proceed from lack of love in others.

*That peace is a strength of character or in our character, anyway.

*This part “through your own miracles of correcting the external conditions,” I have to admit is not something that I look at the same way other readers of this work do. I come from a family of origin where words were used for attack and I knew it. I chose to forgive and to love but the words (and other things) took their toll. I had almost convinced myself it was excusable, but the Lord brought people into my life that made me face the facts about what I knew. I have always had to count on the Lord to get me through life. I count on him to make the miracles, so I do not resonate with this phrase well. 

*Teachers of the course say that they ask for another way to see something and I get that to a point, but the Holy Spirit had to help me see what He did over such a long period, that I cannot turn away from the witness I have from Him. I will have to wait till I am ready to understand it differently, or He teaches me it. I can only stand in the testimony I have at the moment. 

*Does that mean I have no business teaching it? I do not think so. I think we each have a responsibility to share with the world what we understand. And all we have is the moment.

When you are afraid of ANYTHING, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you.

*What would the world look like if we did not believe that others had the power to hurt us?!?

*Even when we know that they can hurt us temporarily (emotionally or any other way) we can know that in truth we are taken care of.

*It makes me think of people who stay with spouses who are abusive. This may be more of a reflection of how you think about yourself than how the other person is.

Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also.

This means that you believe in what you VALUE.

If you are AFRAID, you are VALUING WRONG.

*So, as I get my message out there, I want to “keep my eye on the prize” of bringing to the human consciousness a different look at the Jesus that I know and keep believing in God’s belief in humanity.

*What are you afraid of? What stops you from living a life of integrity?

Human understanding will inevitably value wrong, and by endowing all human thoughts with
equal power, will inevitably DESTROY peace.

*Endowing is an action word. It is a choice we make. A decision.

*Jesus is saying that we need to look at our thoughts and decide which do we value. Which do we want to manifest here in the illusion?

This is why the Bible speaks of “The peace of God which PASSETH (human) understanding.”

THIS peace is totally incapable of being shaken by human errors of any kind. It
denies the ability of anything which is not of God to effect you in any way.

*That is a powerful statement. But I cannot help but think that it gets taken out of context.

*It could be seen as saying that if you have any discomfort you are not in alignment and I do not think that is what he is saying.

*We want to remember that we are not our emotions or our situations. Things may affect us, but they will not effect us.

*”Affect and effect are easy to mix up. Here’s the short version of how to use affect vs. effect. Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change. Effect is usually a noun, an effect is the result of a change.”

*We do not change from being in God, of God, and complete in God, because situations we find ourselves in affect us or bring about emotions that we would rather not have. IE, anger, sorrow, fear.

*Do you see what I mean? We are not our words, emotions, actions, we are divine entities, complete, whole, and secure. And safe.

*That last one is so hard to hang on to. And yet, it is true. We are not our bodies. In this space it is a concept that can be difficult to understand.

This is the PROPER use of denial. It is not used to HIDE anything, but it IS used to
correct error.

Knowing what we are not is important in this equation. Sorrow and frustration do not equal lack of peace when one knows their emotions are not who they are.

It brings ALL error into the light, and since error and darkness are the same,
it abolishes error automatically.

*Grasp this and hold it close to your heart.

True denial is a very powerful protective device.

*It can help us stay afloat inside the insanity that is the world of illusion that we have created.

You can and should deny any belief that error can hurt you.

*Any and all. When we step into “isms” we have taken fears and made them real and able to harm us. This is why the healing of the world is an “inside job”.

This kind of denial is NOT a concealment device, but a correction device.

*Such clarity Jesus brings! Such compassion is expressed in his delivery!

*It is my understanding, at this time, that Jesus does not walk in fear and maybe never has because these concepts he is sharing here are a part of who he is.

*He did not succumb to the temptation of fear as we have. His witness and memory of being in the beloved protective presence of the Father of Christ is still remembered by him.

*This is why he has been thought of as “greater than” you and I, but he just has different gifts, as you and I do. When time is done all will have all that the Father is and we will each use them in our own unique ways and continue to create eternally.

The “Right Mind” of the mentally healthy DEPENDS on it.

*OK, so Jesus is saying that mental health is possible here in the illusion, IF we remember who we are and what is real.

*Who we are is God’s Child. What is not real are all the things that we believe can harm us. They become real, only in our believing.

*Now that does not give you carte blanche (complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best) to put yourself in harms way according to the beliefs of the world that we are currently participating in.

*It means that you “respect” the beliefs that have created the world of illusion and suffering that we have and use “common sense” to stay safe in all ways. (Emotionally, physically, financially, etc.) While knowing the truth, of the illusion, that has been created by the error of separation.

You can do ANYTHING I ask.

*This is Jesus talking to Helen and Bill. And you and I.

I have asked you to perform miracles, and have made it VERY clear that these are NATURAL, CORRECTIVE, HEALING, and UNIVERSAL.

*This is the answer to the unrest caused by covid19 and the George Floyd tragedy. We can accept a world filled with fear and blindness. In fact, greater fear because of the blindness. We do not know who will turn on us or when, or where the unseen virus will attack and destroy our bodies or those of our loved ones.

There is nothing good they cannot do.

*The Miracle that Jesus teaches us about here can overcome all of this and give us a sense of balance, clarity, and purpose.

But they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt.

*This is huge, but do not think again, that you must be perfect in the sense of never being frustrated or scared. That does not a doubter make.

*A “doubter” is established when you accept the untruth that you are separate from God or that anyone else is.

Remember my own question, before you ask yours “Oh ye of little faith, wherefore
didst thou DOUBT.” (Reference to Christ and the apostles walking on water.)

*We can walk in joy and hope in life even while the war of “isms” rage and the covid19 lurks as the invisible attacker on our physiology.

*We can embrace the moment and give thanks for ourselves, for one another, and even for these things that force us to look at what is real and what is really important to us at this present time.

*We got this! I have no doubt!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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