Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

We help others know themselves better by being true to who we are.

Knowing who we are as a part of the Whole of Creation is important to the Awakening of Christ.

Acknowledging our divinity allows us to see the divinity in others.

It also allows us to see the masks and costumes that we wear that reflect the Son’s belief that He is worthy of punishment.

It is in seeing the negative and knowing that it is the fear of the Son of God being manifest because he thinks himself worthy of punishment, that makes our hearts capable of having compassion and forgiveness of the “other”, even in the most dire of circumstances.

That does not mean that harsh things go unaddressed.

On the contrary, it means they are acknowledged and safe boundaries are established for all.

One must stand in awareness of the original error while within time and space.

Remembering the truthfulness of the confusion that the Son of God experienced at Creation allows us to have forgiveness for all and to stand in the Atonement, regardless of what is going on in our immediate world or the world at large.

Then, be aware of the still small voice that testifies of Wholeness, Completeness, Protection, Comfort, Warning, Perfection, Innocence.

This is the Holy Spirit and will guide you, just as He guides Jesus into the awareness of God’s Love for His Son.

Of which, you are a part.

Acknowledging the Atonement is our primary responsibility, because our light ignites the awareness of others. Even if that is not evident immediately.

Be aware that it may also push you away from others.

It may be done by mocking or attacking you, this to show you that they are not deserving of the love which is a part of the Atonement.

We want to pray for those who offensively use us, even while we uphold safe and reasonable boundaries on ourselves.

This may be in many forms; financial, emotional, physical, and any other way that you feel prompted to protect yourself.

Be aware of addiction. It takes many forms and has no place in the Atonement.

At the same time do not beat yourself up if you have an addiction. It may be what allows you to stay here and lift humanity through your awareness of the Atonement.

It may be addiction to good things as well, as what we call bad things.

The addiction may harm others, but it always harms ourselves.

Often addictions are used to drown out voices from childhood that put us down or that cause us to not feel “good enough”.

Or, in severe cases, to shut out the voice of the conscience, which is Jesus trying to guide us. This will happen in those with criminal intent.

Remember that these things are only part of the illusion.

And you do not are not your emotions, behaviors, body, age, gender, choices, those are all part of the identity of the role you came to play.

You are the Son of God manifesting the two choices that He has.

One; to believe in the idea that suffering and pain is something He is worthy of because He left God. Two; to believe in the reality that only God IS, and only what is of Him, can truly be.

And that the closest witness to what God may be is that which manifests in love, kindness, and wholeness (completeness). These are what you, and all creation, truly are.


Know Christ, see Christ, the Son, in all things and situations.

Remember the Original Error, which is the belief in Separation from God.

Our primary responsibility is to stand in the witness of the Atonement, our Oneness with God, and all that is.

Be aware of Addiction in yourself and others. This will allow you to make better decisions for healthy boundaries.

We are all in this together, and we will lift the Consciousness of Christ to the remembrance of His Father’s Love.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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