Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Illnesses of mind and body afflict us when we close our eyes to our own “being” or to that of another. It happens in families and societies all the time. Then apathy and real loss of memory and even bodily function can occur. Be careful, however, not to point fingers and lay blame at the feet of another, because someone is ill or in other ways distressed.

If we are to move out of the state of suffering that humanity experiences on a regular basis, we want to stand in the witness of the Atonement, and know that our receiving it will allow the rest of Christ to recall it as well.

Do what you can to ease each other’s burdens, but remember that the life we live comes from our expectations and beliefs about our personal worthiness.

Stand as a Child of God and acknowledge all others, all that is, as part of the Sonship, as well.

Remember always the Original Error; the belief that the Son could be Separate from the Father. And do so, with gratitude and humility.

This allows us to walk in the world in a state of forgiveness. Not seeking to cause offenses and not easily offended.

You might even find yourself less inclined to want to mingle.

Especially, once you realize the rules of acceptance according to “society”.

What the world offers is manipulation. Presumed and insincere “safety” if one recognizes the “enemy” as identified by the leader.

Now, these things are not always obvious. And the enemy can be anyone or anything. What matters is the “sense of power” that is achieved by the leader as we do their bidding.

Do not put a label or face on whom the “leader” may be. They are often very quiet and subdued appearing, and they take great “inner or even , as they suppose, hidden satisfaction” at their ability to manipulate others.

And make no mistake, they feel themselves superior to those less intelligent or more gullible, etc., who follow their lead.

Jesus was the first thought of Christ at the beginning of Creation. As such, he laid out the Universal Plan for us all.

This was done through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God’s Voice here in this sphere.

You and I have access to the Holy Spirit, as well, if we honor His instructions we will be blessed.

His voice is soft and different for everyone. For me, it is a feeling. When He confirms something of a spiritual nature I get goosebumps.

He will warn us, direct us, show us our shadows and cut them out with a scalpel that does not leave a scar.

I have felt this as prejudices and addictions have been removed over a lifetime.

Jesus is our elder brother and because he established things here he is in the best position to help us escape the error and the trauma it causes.

He wants to help. He stands nearby as a friend who never gives up on us. You may have heard him as “your conscience” back in the day.

Many of us have shut that voice down and declare “we know better”. He cannot force us. That is against an eternal law. Guidance has to be welcomed. And guided we will be. By Jesus, or by other voices who manipulate us without intent beyond witnessing their own power, or seeing just how far you will follow them.

Jesus is sincere in his desire to lift humanity out of the cage of entrapment and into a place where they will be willing to embrace the Father’s love and all that He has.

It is fun to note that, while we have different gifts that are able to be used by each of us now, the Father has no “favorites”.

Each component of the Sonship will receive all that the Father has and be allowed to use them in their own way. By that time, we will understand that anything that harms in any way is not of God and not of ourselves, as we are like Him in every way. Even as we utilize all our gifts in very distinct and different ways.

As we walk in remembrance of our position as Children of God, others will be reminded that they are as well.

It is not necessary to preach or teach these things. Each of us knows this intrinsically; inside ourselves.

Here is where Jesus takes over the miracle of unification that he tried to teach Helen and Bill about in A Course In Miracles.

He knows where the false beliefs are, and he will clear them out and unite the Sonship into the remembrance of the Whole that they are.


Human trauma and hardship comes from the belief in Separation. Its diversity has no limit and everyone experiences it.

See the original error, the belief in Separation from God, in all things, and you will be able to walk in a state of forgiveness continually. This can be a great comfort, and relief. Hate is a heavy and cruel task-master.

Jesus knows the in’s and out’s and wants to help us out. You do not have to be a “Christian”, you just want to let him be your friend. I have not had a better or more faithful one.

As we remember who we are, others cannot help but remember who they are as well. They may kick through a lot of ideas, like how self-righteous you think you are, but inside the Holy Spirit is healing them. This is something that we need to understand faithfully, because it is not often evident to our eyes and ears.

God believes in humanity. He would not have created His Son (which united with Jesus and each other we are) otherwise.

I choose to believe that only God IS, and that all else is error.

You will need to decide for yourself.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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