Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments *.

*This is from a lengthy discussion between Helen, Bill, and Jesus about possession.

Further, insights into mental illness can be misused, and lead to preoccupation with one’s own symptoms.

*Mental illness. In reality, we are all mentally ill, because we believe we are separated from God.

*Humanity is not ready to be told that it is just sick.

This is why this area is less constructive for most people than a course primarily devoted to mental health.

*This is why the Course material that Jesus gives us, is devoted to right-mindedness, rather than how off we are.

*I find it curious that I am inspired to share my interpretation in just the opposite fashion. It is because of how the material has been taught. As if humanity could just turn on the “Light of Love” and all would be well.

*The error must be recognized and forgiven first. If love comes before compassion for the suffering of the world, it is only a mask and camouflage for self-hate.

However, some professions will find (some?) principles of mental illness constructive, especially those which are concerned with mental illness in others.

*I suspect that Jesus may have been referring to “life coaching” and things like this that are so prevalent today. Helen was not aware of these at that time. And here he states in the next statement her profession as a psychologist.

*Considering that our thoughts make up our reality there may really be no field that is outside this eventually, anyway.

This obviously includes psychologists.

The obvious correction for ALL types of the possession-fallacy is to redefine possession correctly. In the sense of “taking over,” the concept does not exist at all in divine reality, which is the only level of reality where real existence is a meaningful term.

*This is really a good thing to know! “In the sense of “taking over,” the concept does not exist at all in divine reality,” This means that we are always in charge of what happens.

No one CAN be “taken over” unless he wills to be. However, if he places his mind under tyranny, rather than authority, he intrudes the submission/dominance onto free will himself.

*Because we come to earth as infants, we believe that we have not chosen or subjected ourselves to the course we are on in life.

*This is a basic error. The infant does choose as an “adult” consciousness how they will come here.

*Sadly, the assumption that we did not choose our place in life, allows us to believe that others are to blame for where we are. This is true as an individual, and as a society, or race.

This produces the obvious contradiction inherent in any formulation that associates free will with imprisonment.

Even in very mild forms, this kind of association is risky, and may spread quite unexpectedly, particularly under external stress.

This is because it can be internally controlled ONLY if EXTERNAL conditions are peaceful.

*Here is the key. ONLY if EXTERNAL conditions are peaceful, will the mind that has allowed tyranny to seem a possibility.

This is not safe, because external conditions are produced by the thoughts of many, not all of whom are pure in heart as yet.

*Hear this well and understand how one must live in alignment with the Atonement, and witness personal authority, acknowledging that you chose to come to this place of illusion to bear witness that it is false and that tyranny is a false concept.

Why should you be at THEIR mercy? This issue is VERY closely related to the whole possession issue.

*Jesus is speaking of the definition of FREEDOM.

You insist on thinking that people CAN possess you, if you believe that their thoughts (or the external environment) can affect you, regardless of WHAT they think.

*”Affect you”– am I allowing this to to affect me as I feel compassion and sorrow for the harm humanity insists on throwing at itself?

*”Psychology: Affect, in psychology, refers to the underlying experience of feeling, emotion or mood.”

*I can see why the concept would be to not manifest in form (tone of voice or actions) or countenance (our face) from this statement. But I suggest just the opposite is true.

*Note that the psychological definition describes affect as “underlying” suggesting that whatever is happening outside is rocking you internally. I believe that we can have stability inside in knowing our truth in the Atonement, and still allow the “consequences” of the behaviors of others to be portrayed in our physical lives.

You are perfectly unaffected by ALL expressions of lack of love.

*Yes, on an internal and eternal plane. Not necessarily within the illusion itself, which your body is a definite part of.

These can be either from yourself and others, or from yourself to others, or from others to


*Again, this is an eternal truth that one may carry within themselves, regardless of what outside appearances may be. (IMO)

(I’m glad you passed that test. It was crucial. This is ref. to HS reluctance to take dictations as given.)

*These stages of communication, especially concerning the writing she was doing for Jesus, was important to the work being performed. As well as, Jesus and Helen being able to work together.

*This makes me think of life in general. Jesus wants to work with us, this is so we can help him shorten the time humanity stays in a state of suffering. This is what time was allowed to manifest.

*How easy it would be to look at the world and crumble. I am 63 and have had enough experiences to know that while the world like the smile on my face, if I show it in public, someone will be impressed to knock it off my face. Compassion is needed in the world at this time.

*I hope that we are at the point of being able to see what we are doing to ourselves.

*Yet, we will cry for what we have done to ourselves and each other.

*Compassion will be required.

*And then gratitude for the relief and the healing.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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