Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. We are each a part of the Atonement.

Our unique gifts and talents are useful and important to the world, as simple or as grandiose as they may be.

But, these in themselves, are not our greatest contribution.

Knowing that the Atonement is real and for now, is.

2. You can use the things that you are learning to give different perspectives on old issues.

There are universal challenges to life.

Things that we all go through; and your life and perspective, are an important component to the whole.

You are valuable, even by just “being”, because we are one, yet, your input is unique.

3. If you feel a desire for love in the world and have a compassionate heart, that desires forgiveness for all, then you are ready to accept the Atonement right now.

Being able to consider the idea that “the Son of God at His creation”, could have had a mistaken thought that He had separated and thus, offended God is all the Holy Spirit needs.

He will bear witness to you of the unity of all creation, and of the innocence of Christ, which is all of creation; including yourself.

This is the Atonement that Jesus wants us to receive.

It will also give you the ability to forgive, even before offense has occurred.

From there the Holy Spirit will teach us according to our language and experiences.

And angels will protect us through our chosen course in this life.

4. We do well to be concerned for other people in the world, as well as for the earth herself.

It is very easy to get caught in a belief that we are singular beings and that we have no responsibility to others.

We can serve them best by walking in the light of the Atonement.

The Children of God are entitled to perfect comfort, which comes from a sense of
perfect trust.

As we walk in the Atonement we recognize and experience this.

We cannot change everything in the blink of an eye, however, when all have accepted the Atonement, it will seem as if that is exactly what happened.


You are a unique and important part of the Atonement.

Day to day life will take on a different meaning as you walk in the Atonement.

Journaling is a great way to observe these changes.

Things that have made you “different” in the world will lead you to the Atonement.

Share what you learn in creative ways to help your fellowman.

We all can participate in the Atonement and lift the world to greater heights.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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