60 Urtext of ACIM pg 42 + 43 Would You Be Willing To Let Go Of Fear If That Could Save The World?

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

The readiness for faith, as for everything else that is true, entails the two steps necessary for the release from fear.

Denial of fear, in human terms, is a strong defense because it entails two levels of error:

That truth CAN be denied and That absence of truth can be effective.

*To deny fear or a witness of it, is to deny what you think is true. The challenge is we hide that fear under so many disguises.

*Then to believe absence of truth is a possibility at all, is the second level of error. The absence of truth would be the believing that the Son of God is not Whole, but divided and separated in Himself. And believing that He is functional in that form.

EXPERIENCING fear, which is more characteristic of B., involves only the second

*The fear needs to be witnessed and seen for the impossibility or illusion that it is.

*It will not be seen if it is hidden behind justifications. This is what the Holy Spirit can help us sort out.

However, these differences do not affect the power of the miracle at all, since only
truth and error are its concern.

YOU are both more miracle-minded, and less able to recognize fear because of your
stronger, but split, identification.

*This is a personal message to Bill and Helen. I sense that Jesus is identifying their desire to achieve unity among people. They each have a strong sense of self and self value (which the typical Christian of the time may not have had, seeing themselves as a sinner and all). Of course, they still identify as separate, not one with each other and the whole.

B., also characteristically, is less miracle-minded, but better able to recognize fear, because his identification is more consistently right but weaker.

*I suspect that Helen is not able to see herself as clearly and her weaknesses are hidden under strict logic and protocol possibly developed by her Jewish culture.

*Likewise, her Jewish culture with its basis in oneness through the One God, may give her the miracle-minded disposition that Jesus mentions here.

Together, the conditions needed for consistent miracle-mindedness, the state in which fear has been abolished, can be particularly well worked out.

*Together. Had Helen chosen to work with Jesus, she and Bill would have learned from each other and exemplified the true miracle-mindedness and right thinking required to step into the Atonement alongside Jesus.

*Jesus was the one being Helen would not treat as an equal. Perhaps this is where her Jewish descent did not work in her favor. I do not believe that the time was right for this to happen within the Whole of the Sonship, and so it did not. (Likely, choosing the Jewish heritage as her family of origin secured that situation.)

*It is acknowledged by all of the early ACIM witnesses (that I have read about), that Bill and Helen never made the peace that they could have. And from how they express it, it was not because of Bill’s choices.

In fact, it WAS already well worked out before.

*I suspect that the pathway for Helen and Bill to meet in peace had been established. I believe the way had been cleared and agreed upon. I also believe that once in the flesh, Helen or Bill, could have pulled away from it.

*Their commitment to this was immense and we owe them both a debt of gratitude. Yet something kept Helen ashamed of Jesus and thwarted his assistance. Helen eventually gave up on full resolution with Bill, and allowed Ken to have greater influence.

*It reminds me of, “Where two or more are gathered”.

*Is it possible that the One or the Two that are meant to trigger this Atonement fully have not manifested? Is it possible that you or I, in our forgiving of others, can become that trigger or catalyst for this explosive change in the human psyche?

*Is it worth the effort to find out?

*I finished the writing of this the week before and had not seen the fear and panic around the world that the corona virus was causing. Doe this not give us a good example of what being in a state of panic and fear can do?

*Fear and panic lies just below the surface of daily civility in all of us. Would not the peace of the Atonement be a better place to be? It only takes a few steps. Recognizing Christ and His error in ourselves and others, and forgiving Him. Then allowing Jesus the reigns on the miracles.

*I really believe that we could do it without too much challenge. And I have a firm faith that it will happen. When is the only question.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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