59 Urtext of ACIM pg 42 What Would You Give Up To Set the World Right?

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

43. The miracle compares the creations of man with the higher level of creation, accepting what is in ACCORD as true, and rejecting the DISCORDANT as false.

*It sees only that which is of God.

This is why it is so closely associated with validity. Real validity is both true AND useful, or better, it is useful BECAUSE it is true.

*Jesus, while on earth, had no problem seeing the difference between the real and the false.

All aspects of fear are untrue, because they DO NOT exist at the higher creative levels, and therefore do not exist at all.

*Hard to wrap your head around that, isn’t it? But the concept of fear and the concept of God just do not mingle. It makes me think of being a little child about four or five and being so afraid of so many things. Especially what I could not see.

To whatever extent a man is willing to submit his beliefs to the real test of validity, to that extent are his perceptions healed (or corrected.)

*Most of us guard our beliefs like a badge of honor. I sustained the church and those leaders for many years. I was hiding behind their skirts. I think I knew that I needed something with clout to sustain me as a mother or I would have lost the children even earlier. I had nothing the world claims to be of value. But I did know who I was as a mother and I had the stamp of approval from Jesus himself, as far as I was concerned. And I still feel that way. (That is a story that will be out in my book this year.)

In sorting out the false from the true, the miracle proceeds much along the lines suggested very correctly by B., i.e.:

If perfect love casts out fear,

And if fear exists,

Then there is NOT perfect love.

But Only perfect love really exists.

Therefore, if there is fear, it creates a state which does not exist.

*The state that does not exist is what I refer to as the illusion.

Believe THIS and you WILL be free.

* This is a promise I hold fast to.

Only God can establish this solution, for THIS faith IS His gift.


*Faith does not even have to be manifested by us. It simply needs to be “allowed to be”. It is a gift from God, freely given.

*It is realistic and reasonable to have fear of the effects of wrong-mindedness in the world where ego runs the show and has us chasing around illusions.

*It is also possible to have love for what you know a person to be, while fearing the consequences of being near what the person “believes themselves” to be.

*I say this as a daughter of an very abusive man. As a child, I always loved him. I feared for my physical well being, as well as that of my brother and step-mother, very much in his presence. (I had no fear for the little sister -six years younger- because her mother would protect her. I did not see things as an adult. Contrary to the witness of my step-mother.)

*The love I knew and recognized was chosen as a child by me when the question was put to me by those in spirit who watched over me.

*Do you understand what I am trying to say?

*Very often children in desperate situations are given gifts by those who watch over them, if they are meant to stay here on earth. This was a gift and witness I received.

*I believe that it is possible to walk in the two worlds at the same time.

*The gift from God of FAITH is what allows us to do this.

Man must contribute to his readiness here as elsewhere.

*In other words, we must be willing to give up our belief in the truthfulness of what created the fear. We must be willing to believe that humanity may do, say, think, see, taste, feel, experience that which is not possible.

*That is not the same thing as saying “these things happened (and or but) these things did not”. I am not sure if anyone has really grasped this, but we have to be willing to say none of it has happened.

*Can you imagine all the healthy and wealthy and happy people that would be really ticked-off to hear this?

*Jesus said more than once that it would be the fallen and discouraged that would be willing to enter into heaven. Could it be because the righteous would not be willing to give up their “comforts” and “enjoyments”?

*Could this be where empathy and compassion helps humanity? As we understand that as One Entity, we cannot allow any to be harmed or have lack, or we are not in our true persona?

*How fast will we hold on to what is not so good in our lives, how about what is good in our lives?

*We cannot keep part of an untruth and hold it sacred. Yet, I do not believe that it will be pulled out from under us until we have been prepared to release it.

*This may be humanity’s ego fears the most. I choose to accept the faith that we have a benevolent (kind) God.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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