Universal Reading 16 – 22 March 2020 The Atonement Is For NOW

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. Gather in the Atonement.

First you want to be in a state of willingness to receive the Atonement, which is the undoing of the concept of separation and scarcity that we live in typically. God IS, United we are His Son.

United we can move into a better place as we accept the miracle and give Jesus the reigns to where it goes and when. He knows who is willing and ready to receive it. We want to consciously desire to extend it. The actual extension is an unconscious experience.

What the miracle entails is forgiveness for the consequences of the belief of separation.

As you meet others, greet them in the Atonement by knowing forgiveness is extended already. Then leave the rest to the Lord. And listen to the Spirit for direction.

2. PTSD = Fear and Panic, This is not found within the Atonement

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder belongs in His Story. Your story is right now. In the present moment. Leave the past be, do not worry about the future and know that you are taken care of.

Breathe. If fear thoughts go through your mind, that is okay. Just do not jump on them and cling to them. Let them pass right on through.

3. Jesus IS the Atonement.

Atonement means and undoing.

He’s got this! He just needs you to be willing to see the need and accept what he is offering.

Together we will be presented to God, the Father, as His Son.

4. Power-Hunger, the Power Needs To Be Given Back To God Which Is In ALL

So all must be recognized to have their own power and authority, directed by the Holy Spirit.

In other words, we all should be able to choose for ourselves and that means having the freedom to make a mistake.


Gather in the Atonement.

PTSD belongs in His Story, not in our present.

Jesus Is the Atonement.

Power-Hunger withdrawal. Mindfulness. Focus on breath. Nature exposure. Each of these will help with the need to be in control.

To think that you are in control is only an illusion anyway. Do the best you can and be gentle with yourself.


Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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