Please bring a prayer for the presence of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of translation. Thank you.

Hello there! A new year! Twenty-twenty! A lot of symbolism goes into this year as the start of a new decade and the ……of 20/20 vision.

In Chapter Nine of Mama’s Christmas Carol there are thirty five things listed that Dee could do to bring light to the world and aid Christ. I hope to incorporate them in my life better by using them for my readings.

There are also the three temptations: 1 Addiction, 2 Power-hunger/Bullying, 3 Depression. And the concept of His Story, which is what we call our lives.

I will use all 39 of these and will draw four to represent the key issue, the individual, the Whole Christ Consciousness, and the counsel from God via the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

#1 Power-hunger.

Whoa, do we have this in the world at the moment! Serious examples are in the news at the moment. I do not need to tell you what they are, there are many means of getting that information.

We want to look at ourselves and see if power and control are what we are about. Do we look to the inner voice that guides us according to the divine plan that Jesus prepared or do we have something to prove? The choice is always ours, moment by moment.

#2 His Story

We want to become aware of the fact that we are living the story of destruction and suffering that we have been sent on under the Plan that Jesus put into place.

What if it took just one person understanding this to be able to affect the whole consciousness and begin the process of erasing the negativity from human existence!

#3 The third bullet in Chapter Nine: The body is not your identity.

You are not your behavior or your emotions or your body. These are all tools to communicate with Christ, via one another.

We are here to communicate to God’s Son that He is innocent and worthy of His Father’s Love and that nothing can or will change this fact.

We are not here to pursue a career, a family, communities, education, recreation, political power. We are not even here to be do-gooder’s and make laws that protect people and punish wrong doers.

Now, all of those things may occur, but they are secondary to the objective of waking the Son of God.

Until humanity realizes this, destruction, confusion, guilt, and apathy and all that goes with believing that creation can possibly be separated from God in any way will prevail.

This is the Whole Consciousness card. But once a few grab a hold of the concept, it will take off like a wildfire, and we will be in a position to set the world on its correct course of awakening Christ. We are coming into this now across the world.

#4 The twentieth bullet in Chapter Nine: Illnesses of mind and body afflict us when we close our eyes to our own being or that of another.

In other words, there are going to be challenges in the world. The dream/illusion/world was made for that. Do not let it or them be the focus of your attention. Keep your sights on the glory of God.

Keep your sights on the knowledge of God’s Love for His Son.

I understand it can be challenging. It can seem like the world is falling apart and that you are fighting just to stay alive. Even in those moments you can know that God IS.


Power-hunger is something that we all are faced with. Power over another is not a benefit to you. Power over yourself in making choices that are beneficial is important and it may include physically separating while you understand that you are united in heart/mind/and spirit.

Recognizing that the challenges of your life come from the Story that Christ can suffer, so your life of suffering is His Story. Give Him that life and let Him see that it is fiction through forgiving Him for the belief in the possibility of separating from God.

The body is not your identity, it is a tool of communication of God’s Love. Respect it as that.

The ills of body and the world must be addressed, but do not make them a god. An idol to be worshiped and focused on.

Keep the Love of God, the Father for Son and the Son for the Father as your primary thought and focus. Make it your mantra. Do your part to set Him free.

I do not know about you, but that reading really fit what I am seeing in my life and in the world at the moment. God is counting on us. He has faith in you and me. 🙂 ❤

Till we meet again, God bless, Namaste~

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