Definition of creed

1: a brief authoritative formula of religious belief the Nicene Creed

2: a set of fundamental beliefs also: a guiding principle Never settle for mediocrity is his creed. — Jill Lieber

While A Course In Miracles is not a religion, it can be something that allows us to align ourselves with a creed. This would be mine:

I have been sent by Christ to prove His unworthiness and that He could be separate from God.

I have also been sent by God, Who is His Father, to restore Him to the awareness of His Father’s Presence of complete Devotion and Love.

The Holy Spirit will guide and direct me according to my willingness to receive guidance and direction shown by even the tiniest bit of willingness.

Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.

If you tell me what to do, only that I will to do.

Written this 8th of January 2020

And may it be, even so, with me. Amen

P.S. I know that not everyone sees this in the text and that is okay by me. This is what I see. The last two lines are direct quotes from the Urtext.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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