Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, (see link to text below) my comments have *asterisk* 

The role of the Priestess was once to experience Revelations and to work miracles.

*Helen had dreams and visions that revealed she had been a Priestess in another life. This would have been her role.

The purpose was to bring those not yet available for direct Revelations into proper focus for them.

*She would have helped others to direct their attention to their inner world of the divine where guidance was available to all. As it was yesterday, so it is today.

Heightened perception was always the essential Priestess attribute.

*This does not make her “greater than” anyone. It was simply a role and a gift she was given in this specific time of illusion for the purpose of waking the Son of God to the Love and Presence of His Heavenly Father.

(This is the first time that HS ever said that she would be honored if there were any notes.)

*I hesitate to pre-suppose the meaning of this statement for Helen personally. However, I would suspect that she was intrigued by the concept as this was pertaining to her very specific role and preparation for that which she was doing in this life.

(Neither B. nor I is really clear about how sexual-impulses can be directly translated into miracle-impulses.)

*If I may be so bold as to suggest that as we are energy at our core and thought directs our energy to create our experience (in both impulsive instances; sexual and miracle), we may be able to teach ourselves, to focus our attention enough, to choose how we experience our emotional result.

The fantasies that I mentioned yesterday (refers to discussion HS
& B. had) provide an excellent example of
how you switch.

*This is obviously a private discussion that I had no access to. Yet, perhaps it was about her sexual feelings toward him that she allowed to be miracle based due to her affection for him and his obvious disinterest in reciprocating the attraction since he was homosexual in this life. I suspect it may have been something like this, and again, I could be mistaken.

(Now switch the pronoun references, or it will be too confusing.)

*This is only presumption again, but he and she are the probable pronouns. Was Jesus suggesting they use only the male terms as the Course (and Seth) did?

*The reading is quite lengthy on this point and I do not want to let the material get too cumbersome for the reader. Jesus will go into a discussion about fantasy (which one might think of as how we choose to interpret our desires, in this case Jesus means misinterpretation).

*This is deep, core information as to how each of us creates the world we share and we navigate personally. This will cover five full pages of information that deserves serious contemplation. I believe it holds the core of freedom for humanity/Christ.

*I do not know how much of this discussion made it into the published texts and I am not sure that I will have desire or inclination to find out. I am looking forward to the discussion with Spirit and the deepened testimony it will give me in the process.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Click to access acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

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