Please bring a pray for the Holy Spirit to this reading.

Using Animal Tarot Card by RV Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Eight of Winter Bunting, It’s so easy to convince yourself that you are trapped when you really aren’t. Trust that God will lift you to new heights and give you greater self-confidence if you affirm your freedom.

This card is inviting Christ to open up to self expression and to not be afraid to show Himself. As you express yourself in your own way you will sense a freedom not before found.

It begins in your own thoughts and allowing yourself to be honest with you.

As you acknowledge Christ within you, you will be able to see Him in others and the world will be put into a gentler dream.

Two of Autumn Abyssinian Cat, You may be under stress because of multiple jobs or too many responsibilities for one person to manage. It’s important to balance your work and personal life, and bring a spirit of fun to all you do.

Sure there is lots to do. Make sure to include fun in your routine. All things, are for experience. Like a roller coaster ride, life can be thrilling.

For years I have lived with the mentality that what I do I want to do. It can make all the difference between a life of joy and a life of burden.

Seven of Autumn Cow, The planning, resources, and efforts you’ve invested in your dream will reap rewards. In the meantime, have patience and meditate on your next steps.

Our friend, the cow, suggests we have patience and see the potential of new beginnings and plans for the future. Humanity is at a place like never before where they can devise a new reality; a gentler world. It is coming, have no doubt!

Abundance and nurture for all, rather than shame and attack. Without recognizing Christ, though, this will be delayed.

7 The Chariot Arabian Horse. You can successfully balance various or opposing energies at once through determination and focus. You’ve earned the rewards and recognition you’re receiving.

Remain focused, determined and self-confident. You did not get to where you are without hard work. If Christ is going to move into a gentler dream, the determination to state the affairs of the world in a compassionate, but realistic manner, must continue.


Set yourself free by acknowledging who you truly are, first as Christ and then, as the gifted role that you play in the Plan.

There are lots of things that tug at us in life, make sure you take time to have fun along the way! Let yourself relax, remember

Patience, it will manifest. All your hard work will have its reward.

You have been prepared for this time. Determination and focus, along with self-confidence will be needed. Do not deny your heritage as a Child of God.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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