Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, (see link to text below) my comments have *asterisk* 

Equality does not imply homogeneity NOW.

*NOW, in the present. Homogeneity, all the same. We are not all the same because we only receive from God what we are willing to accept at this point in time. That may have something to do with the role we were sent here to play as well.

*We are not aware of being a part of the Sonship and worthy of the Atonement. We are currently still caught up in the illusion of separation, even while we need to be recognized as equal. Worthy of basic human dignity and blessings.

When EVERYONE has EVERYTHING, individual contributions to the Sonship will no longer be necessary.

*We are currently a long way out from this. Today, individual contributions do make up so much of the whole experience.

*Jesus is saying that there will be a time (for lack of a better word) when all will have access to all abilities and resources equally and that teaching and learning will no longer be required to establish the Whole or homogeneity.

*We will have met the measure of our creation then, to be for Christ a manifestation of His separation from God and for God, to be the agent to communicate to His Son of His innocence and presence in God.

When the Atonement has been completed, ALL talents will be shared by ALL of the Sons of God.

*All. From there to be used in any endless number of mathematically different ways to glorify God. This suggests that individuality is a truth; individuality within the whole Sonship.

God is NOT partial. All of his children have His total love, and all of his gifts are given freely to everyone alike.

*You agreed to certain base characteristics and a role. It comes with weaknesses and strengths. After that, you must ask for the gifts to be given and if it does not conflict with what you previously agreed to do or be here, you will receive it.

*God does not play favorites. Nor would those who walk with the Holy Spirit as their guide.

“Except you become as little children” means unless you fully recognize your complete dependence on God, you cannot know the real power of the Son in his true relationship with the Father.

*I like to think of weather or water and nature. Our physical presence is very much at the mercy of such things. Likewise, the blinders we have on today (and I am beginning to think that there is such a thing in the spirit world as well, the blinders, I mean) disallow us to be able to handle the full power of God that we are.

*Yet, Jesus, because of his position in time as firstborn, and CEO of The Plan as first recipient of the Law of Attraction, can direct these powers on our behalf if we understand our reliance and dependence on the divine.

*Jesus can do this because he has already accepted the Atonement as real and justified.

But note that the term speed-up is not one which relates to the TRANSCENDING of time.

*Jesus has taught that the miracle speeds-up time. We each have our role (perhaps several roles) to fulfill here. The Plan will be played out as directed by Jesus.

When time is abolished, and all of the Sons of God have come home, no special agents will be necessary.

*I suspect that time ending will not happen when all have accepted the Atonement, but that we may not require others to allow us to have our needs and desires met. Communion will simply be a state of being.

*There will no longer be teacher and student, because the purpose of them was to receive the Atonement. We may have diverse ways of expressing existence and glorifying God. The redemption role will be fulfilled, but the expressing role will continue is what I understand at this time.

But do not underestimate the power of special agents now, or
the great need there is for them.

*I see special agents as teachers; teachers who know themselves to be students.

I do not claim to be more than that myself.

*This is Jesus speaking.

No one in his Right Mind, (a term which should be specially noted) ever wants either more or less than that.

*From the Clarification of Terms 1:2-4, 2 Right-mindedness listens to the Holy Spirit, forgives the world, and through Christ’s vision sees the real world in its place. 3 This is the final vision, the last perception, the condition in which God takes the final step Himself. 4 Here time and illusions end together.

*This is the part that makes me think that we chose to be for a temporary time. Jesus says that creation continues so individuality may be a forever thing and yet the role of teacher/student, is all we know in this sphere.

*Perceptually, it is difficult to imagine existence otherwise. Unless one considers what it is like to sit in quiet contemplation, giving thanks, and partaking in the glories of nature and mere existence.

Those who are called on to witness for me NOW are witnessing for all men, as I am.

*This statement I love. We are not segregated in God’s affection for any reason whatsoever. Why do we allow this among one another?

*We need to see each other as part of the human race. Beyond that, we want to see others as we see ourselves, because whether we realize it or not that is what we do.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Click to access acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

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