My view of the world today is so different from any other time of my life.

The way that people interact with me is different also.

It is difficult to interact with people because we are not communicating on a similar plane. We do not begin from a place of respect.

The world teaches that this must be earned or paid for in some fashion. And I do not agree with this.

I see Christ. That is all that I see. Others seem to not believe in anything or they believe in themselves or what they see or in all that is negative in the world.

My emotions finally crept into my body and I have symptoms of vertigo (dizziness). I do not want to see what I see in the world and in those that I love. I do not want to see the shame and self-abuse in its many forms.

I do not want to confront others either. Yet I want to be able to live my life as I see fit. It is sad that needs to be such a challenge.

I do not like to force somebody into a situation or behavior.

i do not want to be forced into such a place either.

Holidays come with expectations. As does any human interaction. Holidays, especially, bring out a sense of something is not right with the world.

Family, the well being of humanity, and growth for all with freedom from fear is my goal and pursuit as a mortal. Others may not see my life reflecting that, but I cannot live my life through their eyes.

I find it very difficult to live a lie or put on a false face. Yet that is what the world forces us to be a part of as long as Christ is not truly acknowledged.

I find it especially challenging to join with others in self-recrimination, especially when they desire to bring the children into that circle of destruction.

These are the kind of things that I see blown up in monstrous proportions during the holidays, especially those celebrated by Christians.

I would rather be alone and pray for the eyes of Christ to open than to participate in the sacrificial offering of the spirit of humanity to the gods of revenge and shame.

Christmas, Easter, even those considered sacred, such as baptism and confirmation, set humanity apart as a sinful disgrace not worthy of the love of God except by His unfathomable grace and I do not support or sustain that ideology any longer.

God IS and we are because of that, and this is enough to make us worthy of all dignity and kindness that the world and heavens can offer.

By this I will stand and give thanks.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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