Day 43 Urtext ACIM pg. 34 If you will tell me what to do, ONLY THAT I will to do.

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

*I do not profess to understand all that Jesus seeking to communicate to Helen, mainly because I am not her or him. I will seek to share my understanding from where I am now and with the Holy Spirit as my guide. Please allow yourself to hear whatever He would share with you from your place of perspective and be blessed.

To channelize DOES have a “narrowing down” connotation, though NOT in the sense of lack.

*My understanding is that it is more of a focus thing. Like a laser of light.

The underlying state of mind, or Grace is a total commitment.

*This would be of the one doing the channeling. A sense of allowing what needs to be.

Only the DOING aspect involves the channel at all. This is because doing is always specific.

*That is where the focus comes in for the one being channeled to, along with the clearing of distractions.

As Jack said, “A reliable instrument must measure something,” but a channel is also valid.

*The instrument being the one channeled to. I think of being the conductor, like the cable for electricity.

It must learn to do ONLY what it is supposed to do.

*Is this what we are all meant to be then as we go through life?!! As communicators and witnesses of Christ and the Atonement, that would make sense. Goodness, I have a few things to clear out of my “being”.

Change the prayer to read: If you will tell me what to do, ONLY THAT I will to do.

*Be at peace. Recognize the difference between anger and aggression. Aggression lets you know when you need to clear up boundaries. Anger in its correct form can move you into a realization that a new state of being is desired. Violence is a passive role of defeatism and the goal is destruction.

*I am sure there are other things, but these come to mind because of recent studies.

*Oh yes, to accept the Atonement. And to stand in that witness, giving up the reigns to the Miracle to Jesus since he knows who is willing to receive it.

Note: HS objects to doggerel sound of this and regards it as very inferior poetry. Answer: Its hard to forget, though.

*They are so real with one another. I appreciate that!

The Revelation is literally unspeakable, because it is an experience of unspeakable love.

*Revelation is given to us from God, through the Holy Spirit. This is the love that humanity experiences. I do not believe that it goes person to person, horizontal. Even when it comes through the Miracle, as noted below, it comes from God and through God, not us as individuals or egos. Not even as Christ is it love, it is only recognition, with gratitude and compassion at best.

The word “Awe” should be reserved only for revelations, to which it is perfectly and correctly applicable.

*Reason follows.

It is NOT appropriately applied to miracles, because a state of true awe is worshipful.

*Awe is worshipful, acknowledging one’s creator.

It implies that one of a lesser order stands before the Greater One. This is the case only when a Soul stands before his Creator.

*I suspect Soul here, signifies Christ (which is each of us united) standing before His Father.

Souls are perfect creations, and should be struck with awe in the presence of the Creator of Perfection

*The Father of Christ, God.

The miracle, on the other hand, is a sign of love among equals.

*Here again, even as a sign of love it is from Father to His Son, delivered by the equals that make up His Son.

Equals cannot be in awe of each other, because awe ALWAYS implies inequality.

*When we are in awe of a talent that someone has, I believe that is justified, because the talent was given by the Father/God.

Awe is not properly experienced even to me.

*“To” is the operative word here. We want to give awe/worship to God, the Creator and Father.

That is why in that short introductory vision, I knelt beside you, FACING the light.

*In other words, Jesus is not the light or the Giver of the light, God/Father is. And IS.

*The pronouns are difficult and communicating through the symbols of words. The fact that time is non-existent is also a difficulty as we seek to communicate one to another. These are reasons it is so important to have awareness, connection, and ears tuned to the Holy Spirit/Intuition/Source, whatever you choose to call it.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


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